An interesting concept here

We have to avoid ‘integration’ becoming another form of racism
Afua Hirsch

Assimilation is an invidious concept. No one in Britain should have to give up their heritage to fit in


Iwill never forget the day I joined an English Defence League march in Chelmsford, Essex, in the run-up to the Brexit vote. I went as a journalist, and I wasn’t expecting it to be a comfortable experience. But the most shocking moment was not what I predicted. Instead of threatening me with directly racist slurs, a senior figure at the march told me he wasn’t fussed by my presence. “You’re OK,” he said. “You speak English properly. You know our ways. You’re like us. It’s the others we have a problem with.”

By “others”, he meant Muslims – the EDL’s most frequent target – or any other visible minorities he deemed to have made insufficient effort to assimilate into British culture. It struck me as the most chilling and insidious form of racism of all: he was, in effect, saying, “People who come to England are acceptable to the extent they attempt to mimic us.” Underpinning that is a confidence in one culture’s inherent superiority over others. It’s for exactly this reason that it is becoming more widely recognised that assimilationist thinking – the idea that a particular culture is preferable, and that others should therefore adopt it – is a racist ideology.

Why come if you don’t want to join the culture?

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  1. Because you’ve come for the benefits, and the lax policing of your dangerous political leanings which would get you thrown in jail in your home country, of course!

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Plus an endless supply of young girls. (Although that’s got a bit harder now that the State’s complicity has been discovered.)

  3. …and you’re ok with Brits being Brits abroad Mr Hirsch?

    … what’s that…? Oh, that’s _different_… oh, I see…

    Mr Hirsch should be pushed off a cliff at Dover.

  4. It’s totally possible to have and express one culture, but islam at least gives off the very strong appearance of overt rejection of its host culture in Europe. No other culture or ethnic group that immigrated to Europe does so much to cut itself off. Even the clothing is a symbol of apartheid moral superiority and rejection of our values.

  5. There is so much wrong with this it’s hard to know where to start. It isn’t so much the assertion that our culture is superior to everyone else’s but that it is our culture that exists in our own country. Also we have many immigrant populations that manage to combine a practical level of integration with their own cultural practices. Muslim populations are perceived as wanting to isolate themselves from us and I don’t think that the perception is entirely false.

  6. So it’s racist to notice differences, and racist not to?

    She’s really got us coming, and going, ain’t she?

  7. They have been imported by the scum of the Left. But their agenda is takeover–an d the scum of the left will be amongst the first to suffer if they do–the only good thing about the mess.

    A daily Parade of the Unassimillated and the Left to the Docks could really be an entertainment thing as well as useful. Stalls, circus acts, fire-eaters–all the fun of the fair.

  8. “islam at least gives off the very strong appearance of overt rejection of its host culture in Europe.”

    Of course it does, its hard baked into the very bones of Islam. The believers are the chosen ones, the rest are cattle.

    I’ve said it before, you cannot integrate an ideology (I refuse to use the term religion) that denies the non-followers their equal status within humanity. Nazis believed there were the Aryans and everyone else was sub-human, and Islam does the same, the only slight advantage of their ideology is that they will let you join the club. A racist, sexist bigoted violent club, but you can join up if that sort of thing floats your boat.

    The acid test is if you started a non-religious political movement that espoused the values and ideology of Islam you’d get locked up pretty sharpish. But because a sky fairy is involved is all ‘OK’.

  9. Jim–You could join the Nazi’s –most of the top turds didn’t look very “Aryan” –unless Aryan means short, skinny, fat, ratlike &/or with a silly moustache/ thick glasses etc.

  10. I guess she came for economic reasons not because of love of the UK. The fact that many immigrants cheer for any team against England shows this often the case.

  11. It isn’t so much the assertion that our culture is superior to everyone else’s

    Disagree. Our culture is superior to everyone else’s and if Afufu disagees, she’s welcome to piss off.

  12. At least she is being honest about motivation. The Left’s support of mass immigration is based specifically on refusal to assimilate, to create mutual antagonistic groups who can be set against each other.

    Why would you want people to assimilate into a culture you are on record as despising and wanting to destroy?

  13. Jack: exactly. That was the mantra of one of the senior managers (a Scouser) at our outfit long ago. It did apply to him in the end too…

  14. Underpinning that is a confidence in one culture’s inherent superiority over others.

    That British culture is superior is demonstrated by the presence of millions of Africans, Asians and Middle-Easterners in Britain and the desire of tens of millions more to come here.
    I think it’s called revealed preferences.

    Research has shown that income inequality, not the extent of ethnic or religious diversity, is the most significant factor associated with lower levels of trust within a society.

    Wrong; as Professor Putnam showed, ethnic diversity leads to the destruction of community cohesion and both interpersonal and institutional trust levels.

  15. Do you suppose the lady is shocked to discover that the people.she’s been taught to hate aren’t all that hateful? Its easier to make excuses than to change your mind- especially if changing your mind might lose you jobs and friends.
    Be grateful, she could have just made something up.

  16. Dennis the Parochial Peasant

    Per WIkipedia: Afua Hirsch was born in Stavanger, Norway, to a British father and an Akan mother from Ghana, and raised in Wimbledon, south London.

    Not in the mood to read Guardian shit today. But somehow I’m coming to the conclusion that Hirsch’s problem here isn’t that the British are resisting being Norwegieanized.

  17. @Bloke in Germany September 14, 2019 at 7:59 am

    +1 on RoP not integrating compared to every other race, religion, country

    Although many blacks are going backwards and allienating themselves by emulating USA “gangsta” victim culture.

    “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

    Greatest compliment I had was in Funchal, Madeira. Four of us who met at a cocktail party went to a seafront restaurant for supper – waiter handed us menus in Portuguese. btw one of the two girls became Mrs Pcar

  18. @Jim September 14, 2019 at 9:46 am
    @Pat September 14, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    Spot on

    @Anon September 14, 2019 at 10:48 am

    As do many Scots

  19. Miss Hirsch on BBC QT this week on Sir Boycott: “Men convicted of domestic violence should be barred from honours”

    Pcar: “Hirsch, Should Females who have been convicted of domestic violence be MPs?”

    Hirsch “It’s different because….”

    Boycott knighted: fine be me, more worthy than the non-entities May ennobled especially Oz Green Natalie Bennet. Also, don’t trust French judicial system – no juries

  20. seems she’s misunderstanding her own quote, she was ok because she

    -Spoke English, not unreasonable to expect people who want to live in the country to learn the language, pretty common requirement for emigrating to any country. Even liberal Canadians have rules requiring French for Quebec vs rest of the country
    -You know our ways, nothing in that about following them absolutely, just that you know what’s fundamental or not. The Canadian citizenship test has sections of rights to make sure you understand what the local rules are (including women have equal rights), again doesn’t preclude your culture just points out where culture doesn’t overstep basic rights.

    So he’s not saying she can’t recognise personally as any culture she likes, just that she seems to have taken the time to make some effort to understand the culture she lives in and where it’s rules take precedence over her cultural rules, at that point it’s her choice if she can live with the differences.

    Both my wife and I noted that the citizenship test seemed to go out of its way to make the point women had equal rights.

  21. Bloke in North Dorset


    Boycott knighted: fine be me, more worthy than the non-entities May ennobled especially Oz Green Natalie Bennet. Also, don’t trust French judicial system – no juries

    My comment on the Boycott thread didn’t appear. His response was great and fair play to the BBC for carrying it:

    Geoffrey Boycott has said he “couldn’t give a toss” about criticism over Theresa May awarding him a knighthood in her resignation honours list.

    Domestic abuse charities and Labour said the honour should be removed from the ex-cricketer, who was convicted of beating his girlfriend in 1998.

    Boycott, who has always denied the assault, later questioned why the issue had been raised by the media.

  22. Our culture. Hm. Watching last night of the Proms. Guaranteed, I suppose to send my blood pressure into orbit, rather than to have it bask in the comfortable shallows or ‘our culture’.

    And whadyaknow? Some bean flicking Septic in an it’s-all-about-me dress ironically sings Rule Britannia before triumphantly waving an LGBT flag in the face of the, er, assorted Soros-ticket-buying EU flag-waving fifth columnists infesting the auditorium.

    Celebrate diversity.

  23. Bloke in North Dorset

    My only surprise is that you watched it.

    Other than noting it as the start of the end of summer, I give it a very wide berth. The final nail is the last County Championship match.

  24. “No one in Britain should have to give up their heritage to fit in”

    Here’s the thing – the only parts of your heritage you have to give up are the violence, the mistreatment and mutilation of women, and the lack of tolerance for other religions. Everyone’s either fine or will at least tolerate you keeping the rest.

    If you really do want to live as you lived ‘in the old country’ – then why the fuck did you not stay there? Is not the point of emigration to get away from that crap?

  25. Also, why is it racism to expect assimulation into English culture but its not racism to expect the English to ‘take up the turban’? Not even expect, but *demand*?

  26. @Edward Lud September 14, 2019 at 10:19 pm

    Why I No Longer Watch “Last Night Of The Proms” (and Boat Race, Today…)

    Classical music commentator Norman Lebrecht said the BBC was allowing ‘alien agendas’ to ‘dominate’ the Proms:

    ‘First save the planet*, then comedy feminists and finally a Last Night soloist who has been using the occasion to advertise her bisexuality. Last Night is a national celebration of music first and last. The BBC needs to get a grip.’ He warned that the BBC risked putting off its traditional audience by shoehorning in ‘totally irrelevant’ topics.

    But these topics are not ‘irrelevant’ to the BBC, which prioritise them above everything else – certainly above their duty to ‘entertain’, although they do stick to their mandate to ‘inform and educate’ the viewing public in their own preoccupations, seemingly as an antidote to the ‘Right-wing press’. They would be far happier with atonal music interspersed with dreary lectures about climate change and ‘diversity’. If the Proms’ traditional audience switches off, so much the better – they will be able to ditch the whole thing, along with Songs of Praise, on the grounds that no one wants to watch it any more. This would relieve the broadcaster of Sir Henry Wood’s embarrassing legacy of patriotic music enjoyed by the masses.

    This would be entirely in tune with the BBC’s pro-EU stance. Since Brexit, the Last Night audience has been awash with EU flags, and in 2017 conductor Daniel Barenboim interrupted a Proms concert to make an impassioned plea for European unity, highlighting what he said was a ‘very dangerous’ wave of nationalism. Clearly the BBC believes that patriotic music may encourage dangerous nationalism. They say that no performance is over until the fat lady sings, and when this particular ‘plus size’ songbird starts virtue signalling it may well portend that the Proms are gone for good.

    Also why I no longer pay the BBC Tax


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