Because we’re not women

Parenting a teen is as intense as a baby, but very different. Why don’t we talk about it more?

Sure women are important, they hold up half the sky. But still, men go do stuff – take the lad hunting for example – rather than kaffeklatch about it.

You know, human differences?

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  1. @Rob

    +1 Other than mum waking me for school I was more or less in charge of looking after myself

    You can’t outsource family life

    …Every additional report suggesting more ways to outsource the duties of family life to state provision encourages adults to abdicate responsibility. It reassures parents that ‘adulting’ is optional, because there are institutions that will make up the shortfall…

    Yes, yes, yes. State must stop and reverse it’s “We are your parents” ideology

  2. OT – Brexit

    The European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill 2019 can be found here:

    The purpose is to oblige the Government to seek yet another extension to Article 50, this time to 31st January 2020.

    However, this is the dangerous bit:

    Clause 3 (2):

    “If the European Council decides to agree an extension of the period in Article 50 (3) of the Treaty on European Union ending at 11.00 p.m. on 31st October 2019, but to a date other than 11.00 p.m. on 31 January 2020, the Prime Minister must, within a period of two days beginning with the end of the day on which the European Council’s decision is made, or before the end of 30 October 2019, whichever is sooner, notify the President of the European Council that the United Kingdom agrees to the proposed extension.”

    In plain English, what it means is that the PM, having asked (as the Bill would oblige him to ask) for a 3 month extension, finds that the European Council comes back and says “No, but we will give you a 5 year extension”, would be mandated by Parliament to accept that. No discretion. The decision on the length of the extension would be entirely in the EU’s hands. 5 minutes, 5 months, or 5 years – they get to choose. Not us.

    Are our Remainiac MPs mad?

    H/T Mark Hodgson @ BH

  3. Pcar – Jacob Rees-Mogg says the bill is “constitutionally irregular”.

    Given that he’s the PM’s handpicked Leader of the House, I take that as a good sign that the government has no intention of allowing rogue MP’s to usurp the government.

    We’ll find out if/when Boris tries to get a GE. If he does get one before October 31st, it would suggest he was bluffing about No Deal all along.

    Though the best play for the Conservative Party, if they like being a party of government, is to use this opportunity to shed a bunch of unreliable MP’s, wangle No Deal by whatever means necessary, and then have a general election where they’ll win a landslide.

    Interesting times.

  4. Pcar – very interesting. I see the plotters have successfully wrested control over Parliament again.

    This is potentially good news for Brexiters, as it narrows BoJo’s opportunity and incentive to get a reheated WA-style “deal”.

    Here’s what we need to see if Boris is serious about his promises:

    * Immediately (or within the next 24 hours) withdraw the whip from the Tory rebels – they need to be excised from the Conservative Party

    * Approve a candidate to challenge John Bercow’s constituency (The Torygraph says they’re “planning” to)

    * Kill off the Surrender Bill by whatever procedural or legal means necessary

    * Go for a GE, but it must be held after Brexit (it’s OK if Boris lies about the date and subsequently changes his mind, he doesn’t owe Phil Hammond and co. any honesty)

    A lot of folks at Guido’s place are angry, but I find myself curiously chillaxed. They were never going to let us have our country back without a fight – the shenanigans of the past 3 years have been wonderfully clarifying.

    The moment of truth is almost here. Does Boris want to be a hero, or Treeza in drag? I wouldn’t trust the guy with my wallet or my wife, but his enemies have given him every motive to go Cromwell on the Remain establishment. Fingers crossed.

  5. Steve


    That would cause complete meltdown, and a rock solid post Brexit Boris majority.

    One can hope. This is where we’ll see just how determined Boris really is, but also just how savvy Mr Cummings and the team are: Boris isn’t doing any of this by himself, it’s not his style or strength.

  6. News

    Full list: the Tory MPs who rebelled against Boris Johnson

    Rebels against the government have succeeded in their first step of stopping a no-deal Brexit this evening, as MPs voted (by 328 votes to 301) to seize control of the Commons order paper. The House of Commons will now debate a bill tomorrow aimed at preventing Boris Johnson taking the UK out of the EU without a deal.

    21 Tory MPs voted against the government tonight, defying Boris Johnson’s threat to deselect them at the next election if they rebelled.

    Anti-democratic traitor scum, I hope they’re all deselected. Pay-offs should be banned too.

  7. Hammond deselected, guess they aren’t used to the idea of a PM who will carry through with threats and means what he says.
    Also how can a group saying how important democracy is and they have to do this to defend it now vote against calling an election, just smacks of trying to save their own skins at the very least.
    I really think that the rebels are totally misreading the public opinion and Boris throwing them out will play well to the Brexit masses in an election.
    It’s almost comical that we could have a minority govt unable to call an election or lose a vote of no confidence

  8. Love the incredulous tweet from Kuenssberg for the BBC that the calls to remove the whip are actually happening, including the fact they are apparently being done alphabetically

  9. Since BiND posted this:

    The post has now been updated to look at the actual wording of the bill (it was originally written hypothetically).

    It’s such a little-understood part of the constitution that I can’t imagine it being triggered without it looking as if the government really are launching a coup against parliament. Can’t see them risking the optics of that – besides, with parliament essentially ungovernable at the moment, I think Johnson would prefer an election. Not sure how well he’d do in one though, polls can’t be taken too seriously at this stage, and there’ll be lots of tactical voting by remain-supporters. And still the possibility of an inefficient Tory-Brexit vote split.

  10. BoJo has done the first three on your list Steve. If he is wise enough to accept Farages No Deal offer he has the GE comfortably I think. The TBP offer being No Deal in exchange for GE co-operation. Farage isn’t even asking for seats or coalition–just No DEAL. TBP could take lots of northern seats from ZaNu that the Tories won’t–even if only one time.

    Nor is the HoC situ hopeless. All BoJo has to do is ask the Queen to NOT give Royal Assent to the treason bill. No 3rd reading and no law. Bliar pioneered this some years ago so it seems . Meanwhile it is a lovely countdown to No Deal Brexit on 31/10/19.

    Jizz does NOT want a GE at all–let alone one where he has to campaign on a platform of the UK being taken over by the EU. But unless he wants to witness the above countdown he has little choice.

  11. And there are hints of shenanigans in the HoL by leavers to run the clock down on the bill.
    You really couldn’t make this stuff up

  12. MBE-I have increasing doubts about you. It always turns out doom and gloom for the good guys with you. Maybe that is your opinion–or maybe you are an astroturfing remainaic fellow-traveller in sheep’s clothing so to speak. Fuck the optics -QC and RA are several possible keys to getting out from under. Johnson should give a shite about what some move looks like?–at this juncture and in the face of brazen treason?

  13. I think BniC was referring to Hammond’s deselection from the Conservative Party. Local committee can’t do shit about that.

  14. Is there time for remainers to go to the Queen and ask to form a government? With the Tory rebels having nothing to lose now, it seems an obvious move. PM Clarke or Corbyn. Piss or Jizz.

  15. Now being more than halfway done with our last teen … I highly recommend putting them in suspended animation (like a science fiction movie) when they’re twelve. I haven’t figured out when to get them up yet … 20 has not been a great age for the oldest one. Maybe 21 will prove better.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset

    Boris missed an opportunity to wind up Corbyn last night, he should call him “frit” every time Corbyn passes up the opportunity to go for a GE.

  17. Bloke in North Dorset


    “It’s such a little-understood part of the constitution that I can’t imagine it being triggered without it looking as if the government really are launching a coup against parliament. Can’t see them risking the optics of that – besides, with parliament essentially ungovernable at the moment, I think Johnson would prefer an election. Not sure how well he’d do in one though, polls can’t be taken too seriously at this stage, and there’ll be lots of tactical voting by remain-supporters. And still the possibility of an inefficient Tory-Brexit vote split.”

    I suspect you’re right, nobody’s interested let alone paying attention when it comes to the minutiae of the constitution. It’s going to be brute force from here on in.

    As an aside, irrespective of which side you’re on, am I the only one with concerns about referring essentially political matters to the courts? Inviting judges in to political battles is quite dangerous. The USSC has a doctrine of refusing such cases saying it’s up to politicians to sort these things out.

  18. BiND- The gloves are off. BoJo has done–I stand corrected on this–1, 2 and 4 of Steve’s list. Only 3–defeating the Treason bill remains.

    Rousting out 21 traitors Treason May not only allowed to operate but had as a large element of her “team”. Is fantastic. Also –since Treason swallowed the whip yesterday–BoJo has had his revenge for her attempted Chequers humiliation of Leave.

    If BoJo accepts TBP very generous offer then the GE is less of a worry save for ZaNu’s RoP vote fixers. I don’t think they can turn it yet. The lazy Tories had best fix vote fraud a s a p.

    HoL moves are good–but withholding Royal Assent and not allowing Court interference is essential.

    For now remain scum are jazz-handed jizzing in the streets. But they have always been fools.

  19. MBE, BiND: There are clauses in the abortion that was passed yesterday that refer to house procedural stuff and replace “Minister of the Crown” with “designated Member”. That looks like an attempt to frustrate Queen’s Consent. I believe the ‘designated Member’ is the MP who introduced that thing yesterday – Hilary Benn? We might ultimately have to rely on refusal of Royal Assent to what is brought forward today if BoJo can’t get his GE passed.

  20. The traitors were always there–Treason May nurtured them and allowed the House of Scum to reach its present out of control state. Bercow needs to be buckled. A treason arrest would do it but…

    What else could BoJo do? We can now see the state of the treason. He could piro’ from now to 1st Nov and most of the UK would back him. I hope he does. While BoJo may be slapdash personally–Cummings and JRM are not. There will be a plan.

  21. Bloke in North Dorset

    Tractor Gent,

    No surprised. I may disagree with them to the pint of despising some of them, but they do have some bright people on their side.

    Boris really shouldn’t underestimate them.

  22. Sorry Tim, you’re now a misogynist.
    So we’re going to take away everything you have, and everything you’re ever gonna have.
    So let’s put that pecker up on the chopping block and get this over with

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