Calling BiG – Isn’t this like Fen Fen?

A landmark trial over one of France’s biggest healthcare scandals will begin on Monday after a weight-loss pill was believed to have killed up to 2,000 people and left many more injured for life.

The trial for manslaughter and deceit will attempt to lift the lid on France’s massive pharmaceuticals industry.

Servier, one of France’s biggest and most powerful privately-owned laboratories, is accused of covering up the killer side-effects of a widely prescribed drug called Mediator. The French state drug regulator is accused of lenience and not acting to prevent patient deaths and injuries.

There’s certainly some commonality. Weight loss drug that causes cardiovascular problems. Would be interesting to know whether it’s actually the same drug, or a slight derivative?

5 thoughts on “Calling BiG – Isn’t this like Fen Fen?”

  1. Bloke in Germany in London

    It’s not the same drug but looks like the same mechanism of action and hence similar adverse effects.

  2. And the EU say a border in Ireland is necessary to prevent dodgy poor quality stuff entering their sacred single market from the UK…

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