Can these people count?

Another added: “They’ve really axed Fireman Sam for being a male? This is the world our children are growing up in! Being male is now a problem?”

However, London Fire Brigade supported the decision and wrote on Twitter: “The use of the outdated term Fireman ingrains especially in the young that it is a male only role.

“We’ve been called firefighters for 30 years and just ask everyone to call us our job title. And that will stop excluding our women firefighters & encourage more to join.”

Ben Selby, FBU executive council member for the East Midlands, said the term “fireman” was “archaic”, adding: “Women firefighters risk their lives every single day – calling them by their rightful title, firefighter, should not be too much to ask.”

In the same article we are told:

According to Government statistics, 5.2% of firefighters in England were women in 2017.

Dunno about you but 94.8% right looks pretty good to me for government work.

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  1. I’ve seen some fireman films and in them always big lads carry the heavy hoses into the burning houses. Perhaps this is the old way of doing it and some technology has replaced it in order for women to be able to participate in all aspects of firefighting, even the heavy stuff.

  2. “Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service said it made the decision after receiving negative feedback about the mascot, which is based on the popular children’s TV show.”

    From how many people…?

  3. @Julia: even the BBC local news for Lincolnshire could only find one interviewee who thought it was a good or important thing to do, and if I had to guess I think she perhaps wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. The Chief Officer (or whatever) made a reasonable attempt to sound serious and dignified but failed, the fire extinguisher mascots to be used instead look like prawns escaped from “Nemo”, the even the BBC anchor appeared to drip contempt for stupidity.

    So good question. I suspect a nice, round, number.

  4. Wanted: people, including women, capable of entering a burning building.

    But wait!! Using a mascot called “Fireman Sam” puts these otherwise brave and resourceful women from applying!

    For some reason the people in charge, including the unions, are swallowing this. Unless there is mental illness, each and every one of them knows it is absurd.

  5. Ban Peppa Pig on grounds of porcine bias and bring on Firegirl Samantha.

    TRANS HATER! What’s wrong with Firexir Cynthia?

  6. That’s a thought actually – for Firexir Cynthia we could still use the original Fireman Sam doll, just stick a shit blonde wig on it. Sorted and completely accurate.

  7. Every step to Marxist evil is still a step to Marxist evil regardless of temporary amusement factors.

    The end result the cunts have planned will not be at all funny.

  8. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    In an episode of Hancock’s Half Hour, Sid sells Tony a large “open topped red sports car.”

    “He told me that the ladder was for looking over the top of buses !”

    Sounds like Sid is at work here too. A large shipment of dolls of Firexir Cynthis has turned up from China .

  9. They clearly have more time and money than they need if they can waste time on this. I would suggest a cut in their grant.

  10. The Fireman’s Unions got woke nearly 30 years ago. I remember being puzzled in the 90’s as to why blokes who are paid to represent other blokes who go into burning buildings for money were always spazzing out press releases about “waythism” and “wefwugees”.

    Like the armed forces or teaching, tis only a matter of time before this political HIV makes them too weak and gay to do what we pay them to do. Black lesbian wheelchair firefighters in asbestos hijabs when?

  11. @ Steve
    NO – the FBU was taken over by the communists in the late ’50s – but a lot more discreetly than the ETU so the moderates never launched a counter-revolution

  12. Of course, the idea of fighting fires is rooted in the violent, white-supremacy, heterofascist and colonialist mentality of toxic masculinity.

    How about fire-celebrators?

  13. Some of the best fun I’ve ever had was fire-fighting training.

    It should be on offer as DIY entertainment – one of the paint-balling firms should give it a try.

  14. Unless there is mental illness, each and every one of them knows it is absurd.

    Woke politics. Being mental. Potayto, potahto.

    I’d be interested to learn what percentage of lady firefighters are actively involved in carrying people out of burning buildings etc…

  15. Well there is non-gender specific ‘paramedic’ which replaces ‘ambulencemen’ so how about ‘para-ignis’ as non-gender specific term for firepersons?

  16. 5.2% of firefighters in England were women in 2017…

    …and 85% had been “promoted” into mostly planning, monitoring, education and enforcement jobs.

  17. Has anyone asked the cat? Oh wait, that’s Postman Pat. He’s fucked. How many women get put off working for Royal Mail because of him? Millions.

  18. fire fighting will be / must always be a male dominated job.
    It requires a fit 200 lb bloke to do what is required – not a 100lb woman who demands to be treated equally but can’t hack it because she hasn’t the-physical strength

  19. I remember watching a YouTube video about this very topic.
    Had a clip of an actual female fireman on some show called Fort Boyard. She had to throw herself at a 90degree bit of assembly that pivoted around the corner to go between two rooms. She had loads of attempts, but couldn’t. Then compared to some random bloke who did it first time, repeatedly (th e game required repeated traversal between rooms).

    So yay, we have equality and female firemen now! Hope that thought comforts you while you and your family burn to death while trapped somewhere because the dumb bint who wants to play at fireman was indulged because equality…

    There are plenty of jobs that only men should do – soldier, fireman, anything where lives depend on physicality.

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