Civil Contingencies Act

Boris Johnson is whipping up fears of rioting and deaths on the streets if Brexit is not delivered by 31 October so that he can try to invoke emergency powers and avoid extending the UK’s EU membership beyond that date, Labour’s Brexit spokesman, Keir Starmer, claimed on Saturday.

After a week in which the prime minister was accused by MPs from all the main parties, including senior Tories, of inciting violence by accusing Remainers of Brexit “surrender” and “betrayal”, Starmer said it was part of an orchestrated plan to stoke a sense of outrage among Leave voters and create civil unrest, so an extension might be avoided.

Increasingly MPs across the House of Commons believe Downing Street is considering using the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, which grants special powers in the event of a national emergency, as a way to override the so-called Benn act, which mandates the prime minister to seek a delay to Brexit if no deal has been struck with Brussels by 19 October.

The only surprise here is that Remainers haven’t invoked the CCA already. You know, given the bloodcurdling claims of immediate doom if Brexit does ahead.

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  1. Sounds like the first stages of preparation for its use – mentioning it in the media as a possibility so it doesn’t come as a total shock when it is used.

    Of course Ecks has been saying it should be used for a while…

    Time to come clean Ecks.
    You’re Dominic Cummings , using us as a test sounding board for various levels of response to see how people react, ramping up the severity of censure against remainers until protest.
    Fired, pension confiscated – no protest
    Arrested, with some gentle roughing up – no protest
    Use CCA – no protest
    Tanks on street – people started saying it was a bit much

    Am I right?

  2. So you think Remain is suggesting Boris will use it to justify them using it after a vote of no confidence leads to installing a puppet govt.

  3. Don’t I recall forecasts of rioting in the streets if we left? Part of project fear?
    I suspect Boris’s fears are more realistic than those.
    And I doubt Kier Starmer, or anyone outside the inner circle, has a clue what the plan is, hence the panic.

  4. It won’t be the CCA that’s the route, but if remainers are suggesting it, Cummings will be quite happy to help them believe it, fire off expensive court cases and other stuff to distract them.

    Watching the Commons last Wednesday was delightful. Aside from the fact that everyone thought Cox and Boris would come out on the defensive, but came out fighting, most of the debates that day were MPs trying to find out how Boris will obey the law while not answering how that relates to the Surrender Act. They just don’t see how it can be done, although they know Cummings has a plan. Their boiling piss is a delight to behold.

  5. What is with all the politicos moaning about the use of language all of a sudden?

    The left have forever been going on with derogatory terms for the Tories and right in general. Racists, fascists, etc etc.
    They get accused of collusion and surrender and that’s a bit harsh? Don’t like the shoe on the other foot, eh?

    It can’t be because they’re feeling the mood of the country, can it. See that guy bashing on the window of Jess Philips’ office. It is just the start.

    No sympathy. It’s like the moaning about Boris talking about Jo Cox. Well, he was responding to someone who brought her up, so who cares?

  6. If he did invoke the CCA, I think we know which rich bitch would challenge it in court, confident that the Supreme Court would play its political role to perfection once more.

  7. Quite extraordinary that the left use violent rhetoric endlessly, and just brush it away, yet then try and turn it into the Tories ramping it up. They use it so much they barely even notice it’s wrong;

    “I meet Philip Pullman 24 hours after he has got into trouble for idly musing on Twitter that he would like to hang Boris Johnson. “It was a silly joke,” he admits,”

  8. Dunno. Sean Gabb, who was the first guy on t’internet to come up with the idea that I’m aware of, has subsequently gone sour on the plan, arguing that the 11 political activists in the Blairite Supreme Court would simply overrule it.

    I reckon – might be wrong, but I reckon – the Surrender Act might turn out to be a slideshow. The extension game only worked on Treeza because she wanted to ask for an extension. A fully motivated government should find ways and means to get around that, regardless of what that old witch with the spider says.

    The real action could be around the forthcoming VONC. What will Boris do if Parliament tries to install a Frankenstein coalition to stop Brexit?

    I think he should simply refuse to resign under any circumstances short of a general election. There’s no legal obligation on him to allow Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street, though the political and legal pressure on him to do so will be tremendous.

    Precedent suggests a Prime Minister who loses a VONC should resign, but ‘If we were guided only by precedent, nothing would ever change.’

  9. Try this theory. The Supremes ruled on prorogation as not a brexit issue. IF the CCA is invoked as a precursor to 31/10 Brexit, that IS an EU issue and any judge in receipt of EU money or with an EU position would be unable to sit on the case.

    Oh, does the CCA have provision for legal challenge? Seems rather naivr if it does.

  10. BniC: Don’t they mean senior ex-Tories have complained about the language used

    Or possibly Nicky Morgan?

    My preference would be for No 10 to send out for oysters some of which might iffy and prevent the Prime Minister from complying with a law aimed specifically at him personally. During the Prime Minister’s unfortunate indisposition, his nominated deputy could send a letter on terms other than those prescribed.

    Something like this, perhaps:

    It is with regret, Mr Tusk,
    That laid low by a dodgy mollusc,
    The British Premier
    Is confined to a chair
    Where he nibbles at water and rusk.

    So I’m writing to you in his stead
    Well appraised of the thoughts in his head;
    It’s my pleasure to say
    That on All Saints Day
    Our part in your club will be dead.

  11. Yes–Sean Gabb first suggested using the CCA in this context. I just took to the idea.

    The claim is that the CCA must be reviewed by the HoTraitors and by Beaks after 7 days. However it is for EMERGENCIES–so if the Beaks/MP traitors are the source of that emergency Johnson just needs to declare that such review will bypassed TEMPORARILY until after a GE on -say 5/11/19–a good date if not day– and that the Surrender Act and FTPA are set aside also temp. The CCA will lapse at a date the day after the GE.

    Lets see if the HoT have the balls to cancel a GE after a date is set.

    MBE and others make noise about not BoJo not having the balls, his own Cabinet won’t let him etc. I have contributed perhaps to that by talking via rage of arresting Bercow –and tanks got involved in the discussion though I never originated the suggestion to the best of my memory. More soberly I agree that would be a bridge too far–but the measures I propose above would not be.

    Do BoJo’s Cabinet want Jizz in to 2022–which could happen because it only takes 247 odd to vote down a GE after Jizz is in.

    The key point about the CCA is that it would be a fixed and temp thing –ending with the GE. Can only speak for myself but I see that as just dandy in the face of what the shite-scum traitor MPs are up to.

    There might be some aggro in remain central but they never got more than 200 thou onto the streets–and that was boosted a lot by scummy remainiacs bringing their politicised Brats out for the day. The Police military should be able to cope if they actually do something rather than stand around as last time. Or do remain riots now set policy?

    I don’t fancy a trip to London to fight with the bastards on their own turf where they might have the more concentrated numbers–leave that to the state.

    But anywhere else in the UK I’d be glad to turn out to help quell any remainiac troublemakers. It is unlikely but the thought of meeting up with the Facepainter for a discussion of the issues would be extra motivation.

    So no–apart from the Smoke remain is not up to a big kickoff. And I would not be too worried about that.

    Steve is right that a VONC could be a trap. If Jizz or some other EU stooge like Rudd gets in then there has to be a 2nd vote for a GE and 247 odd could scupper it. BoJo is wisest NOT to leave office.

    This bloke has some details–if you don’t want to listen click the “some more” and a transcript appears.

  12. TMB – Splendid.

    According to the latest cockwaffle, the next cunning plan from Remain HQ is to pass legislation allowing John Bercow to send out letters as if he’s the prime minister.

    I don’t see how that’s going to work, and it seems the capering cuckold has himself confused with that other midget from Game of Thrones.

  13. Ecks – Or do remain riots now set policy?

    Eh, can’t see that happening. Middle class people don’t riot. Rentamob is always up for a ruck, of course, but even they don’t seem all that excited by the idea of chucking bricks for the Common Fisheries Policy.

  14. I think he should simply refuse to resign under any circumstances short of a general election. There’s no legal obligation on him to allow Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street, though the political and legal pressure on him to do so will be tremendous.

    Does he actually need to resign before the Queen appoints a new PM? I think the PM serves at Her Majesty’s pleasure not his own. If that’s the case then the head of any coalition that can convince Her Maj that he/she/xe can form a stable government should be appointed.

    It seems likely that the fractious nature of the prospective coalition members would be the biggest hurdle to the interim PM plan.

    …the Surrender Act might turn out to be a slideshow.

    Oh, how did that get in there?

  15. Invoking the CCA is a very bad idea.
    Two scenarios

    A. No civil unrest. Police ignore govt orders, army stays in barracks. Govt looks ridiculous.
    B. Some remainer rioting. Police gets heavy handed, possibly with army help. Country looks ungovernable. Resentment persists.
    Either way the govt gets blamed for leaving EU by a dirty trick. Even some hardened leavers would prefer a clean and honest break even if it meant some more delay.

  16. Leaving the EU by a dirty trick?

    Having our leaving thwarted for 3.5 years by dirty tricks, I couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss and nor should anyone else.

    The only thing preventing a clean and honest break is Remainers sabotaging the votes of 17.4m. To believe anything less than that is Stockholm Syndrome.

  17. Phillip–Bullshit chum. Police and military do nowt because they love being sold out to the EU?The Police might do nowt because of idleness and LMF but you can largely forget that desperate crap.

    And–outside of the lousy Smoke which is their HQ–any remaniacs kicking off WILL have lots of people willing to fight with them besides the police.

  18. Noel Scoper,

    “They just don’t see how it can be done, although they know Cummings has a plan. Their boiling piss is a delight to behold.”

    I wouldn’t want to try and guess Cummings. The thing with most MPs, journalists and civil servants is that they’re lazy, corrupt, egotistical, greedy pigs. They spend their time getting cheap booze, doing low grade shit, debating trivia like the price of football shirts, fucking their girlfriends, indulging in gesture politics.

    They’re fighting someone who really cares about getting the job done, who puts in the hours, who is prepared to say “I want this done this way, or I walk” and will do so.

    I mean, maybe they don’t want Brexit, but they just aren’t prepared and really don’t actually give the level of fucks that Cummings does.

    They don’t understand that he isn’t like them in that he does not give a fuck about whether he “poisons the political atmosphere beyond repair” or fucks up the Conservative Party. He knows that what he is doing is what has the democratic mandate and if he gets medieval on the MPs to deliver Brexit, the public will not care.

    (actually, kicking out the milquetoast wing will make a Conservative Party fit to govern)

  19. Indeed. Cummings is a very, very rare dose of honest purity in a polluted puddle.

    I wouldn’t even put Baker, Moggy, Javid, Raab or the charming Priti in the same division.

    They all show promise. But he’s, God, he’s like windowlene to coagulated smuts.

    But, being gloomy, is he Two Jags to BoJo’s Blair?

  20. PJF – Pendant

    Edward – We’ll find out shortly, but I reckon Prescott was always a useless windbag, appointed because he was a useless windbag.

    Mr C doesn’t seem to be useless, and Boris didn’t need to appoint him if he was looking for an easy life. Especially not to a senior back office role where the sausage is made – you’d want your sacrificial Leavers at the front of house if their role is merely decorative. Like various Brexit ministers under May.

  21. If this zombie parliament legislates votes for sixteen year olds, effective immediately, how much will that alter things?

  22. …although they know Cummings has a plan.

    I doubt it myself, simply because no plan could have survived the changes we’ve seen on the battlefield. And no, I don’t think he’s clever enough to have been manipulating all these events into being.

    Perhaps his only plan was to make them think he had a plan?

  23. Mooted on Guido–struck me as Marr putting a point to some brainless ZaNu bitch–poss rousing click bait.

    The prob is that it is another obvious Fuck U to the populace. And I don’t think there are enough 16 yr olds to make the difference.

    If that fuck Jizz gets to 2022 via a VONC and then turning down a GE–which the HoShite could do–then Momentuim will have scum infiltrated everywhere and 16 yr olds and every turd with one or more feet on UK soil will be carded up to vote. Goodbye UK.

    Which is why BoJo MUST NOT yield the PM job under any circs and emerg powers are very much in play. If you think Jizz and his gang even acknowledge rules you dream. Even the Limp Dicks will shit their pants.

  24. PJF – I’d expect the government to refuse Royal Assent to any attempt by MP’s to change the fundamental rules of our electoral system without a mandate.

  25. We keep talking like Bojo and DC need to do anything.

    The clever bit is as long as the public will hand them a clear general election win, they need do nothing but hold fast. Their opposition are weak disunited panicking and Bercow has clearly been counter knobbled by Boris and DC. Hence announced resignation.

    Someone has clearly read him a future that involves his misery.

    The House of Cowards is just wobbling in the wind now. Expect more plots and flapping. More media conspiracy in the form of project fear 5.0 or whatever. Let’s see what happens to more remain legislation. If it has no power it will get through.

  26. m’Lud In other words, is he red meat camouflage for the usual sell-out?

    I think instead that he might rather be excessively strong meat for some of the more squeamish members of the government but he and Boris Johnson are bound to one another over the 31/10 pledge since July.

    If not “Operation Bad Oyster” (see above), there will be some other combines to ensure that the deadline is met and that parliament is frustrated. Hooray.

    And the assumption that the EU will automatically grant another extension is horse feathers. The internal warfare within the UK which will be eaccerbated by revocation of §50, a second referendum, extending the departure date or anything else, must make the UK an unacceptably disruptive force at EU level.

    Andrew Marr was suggesting today that Victor Orbán might do Johnson a favour and veto an extension. Emmanuel Macron might equally be the one to vote to pull the plug so that he can get on with his vision of the EU.

  27. Bloke in North Dorset

    So meting I posted over at TimN’s recently:

    “On Brexit and the Supreme Court judgement there’s quite an interesting argument on the Spectator website, in short and paraphrased:

    The SC ruled that legislature has the legitimate role of holding the executive to account, which is true, and that the length of prorogation denied that role.

    However, by seizing control of business and passing the Benn law there is no legislature to scrutinise the Bill, the legislature in effect became the executive. That is emphasised by Benn being the chairman of the Brexit select committee.

    Boris can now argue that the bill doesn’t stand because there wasn’t/isn’t a legislature to carry out a key function in our democracy. The same would be true of any further Bills on the same subject.

    The SC also made the point that it is the role of the Executive to govern. By taking control that role has been usurped.

    It would certainly be a good one to take to the SC and I wonder if that’s why there’s talk of the SNP supporting Corbyn as a temporary PM to make sure the letter is sent.”

    On the CCA and the armed forces, it used to be the case that the police had to request support from the armed forces. I’d like to think that our top brass would stay out of anything overtly political, the consequences of them getting involved in politics don;t bear thinking about.

  28. Andrew Marr was suggesting today that Victor Orbán might do Johnson a favour and veto an extension. )

    It’s possible. If Dominic Raab hasn’t been sleeping on the job, feelers will have been put out to Hungary and others. Probably too much to hope Italy can stand up to Merkel and Macron right now, but we only need one “Non”. (BTW, do we need Gibraltar?)

    BiND – I think it’s pretty clear that there’s no jurisprudential contortion the 11 political activists on the Supreme Court won’t twist themselves into to stop Brexit. They’ve gone full retard like Yank courts issuing blatantly ultra vires rulings against Bad Orange Man.

    Welcome to post-normal law, where laws mean whatever establishment fuckos want them to mean at any given time. Only solution is to replace the people.

    Itellyounothing – the ongoing howls of outrage against BoJo certainly don’t sound like they’re confident of winning.

  29. The thing about our European chums has long struck me. The Poles, the Hungarians, the Eyeties, the Portuguese (our most ancient allies), the Danes. Not one of them has piped up to squish an extension. It’s not asking much. We don’t want any money. I can understand the Eyeties curently feeling a bit Panzer-Euro-Bundesbank fragile, but it’s not like there’s no one else in Europe wishing us well. I know this on authority from chums on the landmass. We’re like the one prisoner all the others want to escape.

    Of course, all other things being equal, we might expect a kind word from a significant chunk of France. But, yunno. And a big part of Spain depends on our custom.

    Where is our much-vaunted corps diplomatique? Stop laughing at the back. What’s Barnier got on the contis, even the valiant ones like the Poles? He’s got a phalanx. It’s impressive how they’re holding it together, not least by comparison with our own dearly-beloved mithering poltroons.

    Steve, please tell me you’re not suggesting throwing those gallant Gibs under a bus…

  30. Surely the UK could promise Victor something in return, take a dozen refugees maybe. MI5 could dig some dirt on Soros.

    Perhaps there should be a mass mailing campaign from leavers asking him for a veto.

  31. @ Steve
    The Gibraltar issue is why Barnier MUST be told Non!
    It would be a breach of the UN Charter to hand Gibraltar to Spain, which is what Barnier’s terms implied, after >90% voted to stay British.(So would handing over Northern Ireland to Varadkar).

  32. Edward – please tell me you’re not suggesting throwing those gallant Gibs under a bus

    Not really, no. (I’m no more sentimental about the remnants of the Empire than Sir Harry Flashman was tho, and I suspect most of the colonies – sorry, “overseas territories” – are more transactionally-minded than they are raving fans of the House of Windsor).

    I’m genuinely unsure what Gibraltar is “for”. Our navy is tiny, so the military value of the rock to us in 2019 is… what? Unlike the Falklands, they’re not being threatened. Most Gibs are dagos anyway, and over 95% of them voted to stay in the EU.

    Worth keeping in the meantime purely for the purposes of pissing in the EU’s frites. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to go the way of Malta.

    Not one of them has piped up to squish an extension.

    To be fair to Foreign, hitherto I’d bet money bet the FO didn’t ask them to refuse an extension or even asked them to approve an extension. Maybe it’ll be different now.

    Then there’s the whole thing about nations not having friends, only interests. There’s a bloke in America who wrote a book about doing deals, but the impression I get of our FO is that they’re far too sophisticated and urbane for that sort of thing.

    What’s Barnier got on the contis, even the valiant ones like the Poles?

    The plumbers have convinced themselves – probably wrongly but not unreasonably – that they can’t make it as an independent nation, so need to be in the EU, NATO, the Eurovision Song Contest, and every other alliance that’ll have them.

    From that, all else flows. What’s in it for them if they draw the duodecimally starred Eye of Sauron for the sake of the current UK government?

    Well, what if we offered them something more tangible than gratitude?

  33. @Noel Scoper September 29, 2019 at 8:19 am

    Spectator provides one of many tactics on Hillary Benn’s Surrender Act

    Has the Supreme Court handed Boris Johnson a Brexit escape route?

    Supreme Court has effectively made UK a republic by usurping Gov’t and Monarch

    Last week:

    btw Google bias – google: hitchens

  34. @Chernyy_Drakon September 29, 2019 at 9:07 am

    Re: Left branding BoJo, JRM, Milo, you & me Racists, fascists, xenephobes, nazis, homophobic etc

    Agree. Now they’re triggered by the words Betray, Humbug and Surrender, plus Traitor which we say but BoJo didn’t

    Surrender Act offensive? How about Capitullation Act? Humiliation Act? Slavery to EU Act? That better for you remoaners?

    btw Jo Cox – Labour MP, not Johnson invoked her:

    Usual BBC/MSM bias by omission

    “In her own speech, Ms Brabin invoked the memory of Jo Cox – whom she succeeded after her murder in 2016 – highlighting the danger of fanning the flames of hatred.

    Mr Johnson’s response was to say that the best way to honour Mrs Cox would be “to get Brexit done”. “

    Some levity
    Legends Jim Davidson and Bobby Davro Say Britain Can Handle a No-Deal Brexit

  35. @Steve September 29, 2019 at 10:50 am

    Yep, Front page Mail On Sunday – Remainers plotting to pass legislation allowing John Bercow to send extension letter to EU as if he’s the prime minister

    Also on FP: Johnson investigating MPs conspiring with foreign powers – about time; MPs swear allegiance to Queen and UK

  36. @Mr Ecks September 29, 2019 at 5:39 pm
    @Steve September 29, 2019 at 6:21 pm

    Marr – admitted Trotskyist

    PM Boris Johnson’s full interview on The Andrew Marr Show

    Marr interrupting the PM constantly a poor interviewer
    Marr constantly triggered by Boris. He cannot hide his bias
    Marr appeared one sided. Very unfair to The PM.

    An Aussie*: Johnson wants to implement a lot of our Australian styles of business and laws. If he’s allowed to. Good Luck Boris. We love you over here

    The Andrew Marr Show Sunday, September 29, 2019 [FULL]

    Angela “Yeah but, no but” Raynor bollocks (no surprise)

    Fact check:
    Single market access – unless EU ban all imports from UK we will have access
    16 year olds cannot join the Army without their parents permission and they cannot deploy to an operational area until they are 18….ADULTS. The SNP and Labour often talk about lowering the age of voting to 16 only because they know their own politics are child-like. Why didn’t Marr pull her up when she referred to Boris Johnson’s strong defence of women’s right to wear what they like as “racist”? She knows what Johnson’s article was about and she is simply lying because she knows most people would not have read it. As for language and setting example, she is the shadow Education Secretary, perhaps she could learn to speak proper English! The Labour party of course does not “dog whistle” its racism. It like its racist anti-Semitism straight.

    * Youtube channel for more balanced UK & AGW/CC News:

    Re: Jeff Taylor on YT – good words, but he’s in a 1960’s photo booth and boring

  37. Overriding (or ignoring in more sedentary language) the Benn surrender act will guarantee an exit on 31 October. Given the zombie Parliament it is likely civil contingencies will be required. Obeying the Benn surrender act will probably kick Brexit back meaning no need for civil contingencies. Do they not think before spouting off?

  38. Precedent suggests a Prime Minister who loses a VONC should resign

    Did Callaghan resign after losing the 1979 vote of no confidence? No he said “We shall take our message to the country”.

    That is exactly what I would expect Boris to do (if he is able to under the constitutional abomination of the FtPA).

    He should only resign if he fails to win a majority in an election and is unable to form a government (as per Heath, Brown et al).

    All other “requirements” are just wishful thinking on behalf of the traitors of remain attempting to repudiate BRExit.

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