Coming soon – the £20 brown sauce sandwich

Give it a couple of years and we’ll have cafes in Hoxton making nothing but brown sauce sandwiches. Yours at £20 a pop.

The brown bomber: how the likes of HP Sauce fell out of fashion
Brown sauce has lost yet more ground in the condiment sales wars, as the British have their heads turned by fancy foreign stuff

The new sandwiches will be retro and ironic. Artisanal bread plus brown sauce, toasted or not. With your choice of sausage, bacon or mushrooms, to taste.

It’s only got to go out of fashion first for someone to start reviving it after all. And if they’ll flock to a cereal cafe then why the hell not?

19 thoughts on “Coming soon – the £20 brown sauce sandwich”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset


    Where have been these past few years, Mars?

    Public Health England are well on their way to achieving that, whether we as nicely or not.

  2. HP changed their recipe: removed the salt IIRC. Anyway, it doesn’t taste the same any more, and I stopped buying it.

  3. Chicken or egg? The local for the office used to have as much HP as ketchup on the condiment racks, but this year the supply has been quite erratic — and ketchup (somewhat sweet) doesn’t really go on a full fry-up as well as even the “new recipe” HP (still definitely sour).

  4. I don’t like ketchup, it is too sweet for my taste. I used to like brown sauce but now I prefer barbeque sauce instead.

  5. It’s not been the same since they took the French off the label.

    mélange, épices … I wish I could remember it all.

    And it made the otherwise foul Kraft Cheese Slices edible.

    On the rare occasion we feel like brown sauce we too use BBQ sauce on the unarguable grounds that we already own bottle.

  6. Our company canteen charges 30p for one of those little squeezy sachets of HP which is really taking the mickey.

    Anyway, I prefer Lea & Perrins on my fryups.

  7. Noticed the sneering way in which that article is written. They’re celebrating the slow death of another little piece of Britishness

  8. Vinegar! I grew up poor, we could only afford vinegar, I still prefer it to this day.

    Not the Horse poop sauce that is made from the horse droppings at the palace!

  9. I always preferred Daddies brown sauce, which is not to be found in these benighted foreign parts. I don’t recall seeing it in Mum’s local Tesco either; I hope it hasn’t quietly disappeared.

  10. Colman’s have done something to their mustard, too. Noticed it a few years back.

    Tesco own brand now much better.

  11. Red on bacon butties, brown with toasted cheese sarnies. I do admit to using hoi-sin sauce with other things. Vinegar is for chips only, and for chippy chips it has to be ‘non-brewed condiment’, not the malt stuff.

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