This really isn’t new at all. Way back in 1987, Biden’s first run for the nomination derailed when he plagiarized a speech by British politician Neil Kinnock. Stealing bits of a speech from someone who got steamrollered by Maggie Thatcher might not be all that much of an error to be honest, she tended to have that effect upon opposition. But from someone who then went on to lose to John Major?

I do think that people are being more than a little unfair to Biden at present. It really isn’t true that he’s too old and losing it. Joe’s problem is he never did have it in the first place.

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  1. He is losing his marbles as well Tim. And of course the Demoshites have collectively–how else–lost their marbles also.

    Madhouse indeed.

  2. Democratic Party activists, the only people really interested at this stage, aren’t centrist any more.


    However, despite the Ballad of Corn Pop and his general senility, he’s in with a great chance of winning the Democratic nomination.

    The woke hipsters and professional ethnic activists may hate him, but Baby Boomers and black church ladies will vote for the guy in droves. He’s got name recognition on his side – like Captain Jack Sparrow, he may not be the most impressive politician they’ve ever heard of, but they *have* heard of him.

  3. Biden sits somewhere at around 30%, enough to keep him in first place, but eventually Sanders will probably withdraw and Warren will pick up his supporters.

    Biden’s appeal is that while he seems inept he’s not insane, and he seems to be lacking in burning ambition to remake the world as he would have it.

  4. He’s going senile so the identity of his VP candidate would be of urgent interest.

    The world could easily change enough by Nov 2020 that the Dem could win. Events, deah boy.

  5. The overstuffed field of contestants probably helps Biden. There’s – what? – about 67 different candidates at the moment.

    The activist base has moved on from Biden style centrism, and a lot of them no longer care to hide their hatred for middle-of-the-road heterosexual white men. But they’re not unified – difficult to see what Berniebro hipster communists have in common with angry brown race hustlers. And the primaries will be open to millions of older and less radical Democratic voters.

    It’s headed towards being No Party For White Men, but Ol’ Joe may well be able to limbo dance under the shutters before they’re permanently closed on people like him. His biggest danger isn’t gaffes, it’s being #metoo’ed.

  6. There’s – what? – about 67 different candidates at the moment.

    Is that one for each gender in the LGBTQWERTY alphabet spectrum?

  7. Dennis, He of Many Names

    Actually, the plagiarized speech is only one of a number of notable gaffes Joe had during his first run.

    My favorite was his lying about his grades in law school.

  8. I doubt Kinnock wrote his own speeches, actually I’m surprised he was capable of reading them in a semi-coherent manner, so a bit unfair criticism. Could well have been a very good speech, even if it was originally delivered by a twat

  9. Biden is the only one in the KlownKar who at least at one point in his life did not, if only briefly, hate America and Americans. His supporters appreciate this. Of course the proportion of Democrats who don’t also hate oammounts to only 30% of the Democrat base.

  10. Biden’s claim to fame is being Obama’s VP. That will get him many votes among the dumbass Democrats.

    “eventually Sanders will probably withdraw”

    Not a chance. He stayed to the bitter end against Hildebeast. Millennials love him. They are too young and too poorly educated to understand what a disaster Sanders is.

  11. Being Obama VP hasn’t stopped the race card being played.
    Amusing having watched the last series of VEEP to see the same tactics used in real life, but no one to call it out like in the show

    Selina during debate to younger female character Kemi who keeps referring to herself using the phrase women of colour
    “How about giving a little thanks to women like me who built the ladder that you used to get up on your soapbox,Stop whining and man up.”

  12. Off topic but decent pair of tits that Swinson woman seems to have. If her mouth was full so she couldn’t say anything, it probably wouldn’t be too bad.

    Rocco? professional opinion?

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