Georgie Laddie

George Monbiot rather fell for one. The original:

The most expensive yacht in the world, costing £3bn, is a preposterous slab of floating bling called History Supreme. It carries 100 tonnes of gold and platinum wrapped around almost every surface, even the anchor.

The corrected:

Perhaps to visit one of their superhomes, constructed and run at vast environmental cost, or to take a trip on their superyacht, which might burn 500 litres of diesel an hour just ticking over, and which is built and furnished with rare materials extracted at the expense of beautiful places.

With the footnote:

This article was amended on September 19 to remove an inaccurate reference to the world’s most expensive superyacht.

George can get taken in by odd claims…..

10 thoughts on “Georgie Laddie”

  1. When I see super yachts, cars and planes I think of all my brother craftsmen who have jobs making them. Enjoy, rich fuckers!

  2. I always thought that as the sinister, feline-fondling head of the shady international scandium conspiracy, Tim should have a luxury hydrofoil yacht named DISCO VOLANTE

  3. “100 tonnes of gold and platinum wrapped around almost every surface, even the anchor.”

    And he believed it? Hee, hee, hee.

    Maybe the “George” in George Monbiot replaced “Gullible”, much as the George in George Osborne replaced “Gideon”.

  4. There aren’t enough giant luxury yachts to fund the things George wants. He’ll lie to the public to imply there are, but there aren’t.

    There are lots of middle-class people on comfortable salaries though – the natural target of the parasitical socialist class. Today’s Kulaks are the luxury yacht owners. Tomorrow it may be your neighbour in that nice middle-class street you live in…or even you.

  5. The History Supreme does not exist

    which might burn 500 litres of diesel an hour just ticking over

    Why didn’t he go full eco-loon and say “might burn 500 tonnes of diesel an hour just ticking over”

    500L/h is ~2 gallons per minute

    An inside look at the most expensive yacht ever built. The History Supreme
    “So many mistakes in this video, it’s just information (much of it false) amassed from trolling the internet. The shots in this video are not even of the same yacht.”

    Guardian: always wrong

  6. Just how big would a yacht need to be in order to float with 100 tonnes of gold attached to its working parts? If you built the “Ark Royal” or “Queen Mary” out of balsa wood would it float with 100 tonnes of gold added?
    Does Moonbat think?

  7. According to Google, HMS Queen Elizabeth displaces 64000 tons. Adding 100 tonnes of bling might upset the captain, but I doubt (and I’m definitely not a naval architect!) it would upset the ship.

  8. @john77

    First: the yacht History Supreme does not exist it’s a spoof and troll of gullible msm

    Carry 100 tons – not very large: think landing craft with an MBT etc

    USN Nimitz class weigh > 100,000 tons (unladen)

    Container Ships: 3 x 40ft containers is ~120 tons

    @Baron Jackfield


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