Hey, maybe right and maybe wrong but….

How well’s this going to play in Peoria?

The Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren called the initiative “immoral”.

“Our laws and values compel us to help those fleeing violence and oppression,” she wrote. “As president, I’ll welcome at least 175,000 refugees per year by the end of my first term.”

Let’s hope she does. Shaking each hand individually will leave her with no time to do anything more dangerous.

12 thoughts on “Hey, maybe right and maybe wrong but….”

  1. Bizarre.

    She’s going to have to make sure there’s sufficient violence and oppression to match her announced targets.

  2. Exactly my first thought: shouldn’t her priority being *reducing* the violence and opression that causes refugees?

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    The USA has just about got the point of full employment with real wages rising to the benefit of those at the bottom of the socio-economic pile and she’s going to create another reserve army of unskilled workers.

    They’ve given up on any pretence of being an American worker’s party.

    If these are genuine refugees, as opposed to economic migrants, they should be helped at the first point of refuge so they can easily go back.

  4. “Our laws and values compel us to help those fleeing violence and oppression”

    Yes, fleeing from Mexico or Canada due to violence and oppression. What . . . they don’t have any?

    As BiND says, the law is the first point of refuge. We should have double ought zero Somalies. Now does a U.S. senator not know that, or is she just a lying turd?

    Fauxcohontas answers that question.

    Obama was fond of using these no true Scotsman fallacies, ‘our laws and values.’ With frequent similarities, I think he and Warren were cohorts.

  5. Couple of points on Trump’s polling numbers?
    Carry on the good work, Fauxcahontas. We’re depending on you.

  6. Anyone know what the current rate of refugees is? Is she actually predicting a reduction?

    But seriously, it’s hard to work out what the game plan’s supposed to be.The current one seems to be to head further & further into this sort of territory whilst screaming down anyone disagrees with you on the public square. This is not going to survive a secret ballot. It doesn’t change people’s minds. More likely the reverse. You can’t cower them when the tick the box, pull the handle, whatever.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset


    This statement is only about refugees and if anyone thinks it will be 175k per year I’ve got a country full of bridges to sell you. Those 175k will be 1 parent and a child, after which the other parent and siblings will be allowed to join them. And then dependent grand parents and other members of the extended family.

    And if it isn’t a child and parent it will be those 17-year-old Afghan boys followed by the same process.

    By the time they’ve finished it will be nearer 1.75m per year.

    And for those that haven’t been following the Primaries, there’s about 1m dreamers who will be naturalised and 12m or so illegals who will get amnesties. Once that’s be done there also be extended families to join them.

    Dennis, welcome to European style cultural suicide, not that your Dems need us to teach them.

  8. @ bis
    Under Democrat rule, the alleged “secret ballot” through computers (“pulling the handle”) is not trustworthy. Those of us old enough to remember JFK are aware that his election was secured through rigged voting machines in Cook County. Illinois. The “hanging chad” controversy in Florida was a consequence of many states demanding a physical action by each voter to reduce the risk of Democrats cheating.

  9. ‘I’ll welcome at least 175,000 refugees per year’

    How can one set a number on people fleeing violence and oppression? A bizarre goal.

    If we don’t get 175,000, will she send out her agents to create some violence and oppression to get enough to reach her goal? New glory days for the CIA?

  10. @Gamecock

    Good point. Although I can’t see Africa, Middle East and the Stans becoming peaceful democracies this century.

    The “refugee” “charities” coach economic migrants on claiming to be be LGBT+ or Christian
    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4XhLiiu0is

    What is EU, UK other Gov’t response: ignore

    Ignore crimes of PONA

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