Is this actually how it works?

Airports have clamped down on drunken passengers who cause disruption before flying, as new figures reveal arrests of unruly travellers are falling.

My self I’d run with the idea that if you’re arresting fewer then you’re not clamping down.

7 thoughts on “Is this actually how it works?”

  1. I think the point is that airports are responsible for what goes on in airports and airlines for what goes on in planes

  2. It’s something’s beyond my comprehension. Why do people insist on getting pissed at airports? The prices are astronomical & the queues for the toilets lengthy. I can only presume the novelty of actually going somewhere outside their restricted little world is too much for some people

  3. bloke in spain
    I agree with you, but I did read some time ago about how air quality on modern planes was an aggravating factor.
    When smoking on board was allowed then fresh air had to be ingested from outside the aircraft and recycled air was a fairly low proportion. Since the smoking ban there isn’t the need to dilute the cigarette smoke so recycled, staler, air is a higher proportion.
    This supposedly has an effect on people’s brain functions and behaviour.
    That may not be a total reason for air rage, but anyone who already has other contributing factors, like being drunk, stressed, or particularly prone to aggression might be tipped over the edge now when once they wouldn’t have been.

  4. Dear Mr Worstall

    Or possibly the clampdown is working.

    Nothing ruins a holiday* like not being able to go on it due to being drunkandishorderly, or being several weeks late back to work on the Monday after, due to being banged up in an interesting part of the world.


    * Apart from crashes.

  5. But what is the proper balance?

    I have never gotten a ticket on my motorcycle. Should I be going faster? What is the best rate – one ticket every two years?

    Does this corollary work?

    “I’d run with the idea that if you’re not getting any tickets then you’re not driving fast enough.”

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