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Per WIkipedia: Afua Hirsch was born in Stavanger, Norway, to a British father and an Akan mother from Ghana,

If it’s viable to distinguish between an Akan from Ghana and, say, Hausa from Ghana, then why is it such a terror to distinguish between an Anglo Saxon from England and an Akan or Hausa from England? Or, if you’re anti-assimilationist, why isn’t it?

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  1. If it is normal to distinguish between one Ghanaian and another, as appears to be the case, then a Ghanaian would think it normal to distinguish between one Briton and another.

  2. “Because,” she explained, “that’s raciss! (what was the question again?)”

    Pat – Grand High Wizard racistologists such as Afufu have no difficulty distinguishing between evil palefaced Britlers and noble negroes, so long as the comparison is unfavourable to the wypipo.

    Of course, t’other way round is racist, which people who are too sophisticated to believe in God dogmatically believe is a mortal sin because reasons.

    For example, the Wikipedo page on Akans was obviously written by an Akan and is lol:

    In modern Ghana, a quasi-legislative/judicial body known as the House of “Chiefs”(a colonial term to belittle African Kings because of the racist belief to not equate an African king with a European king in rank)

    Imagine the sheer gall of Queen Alexandrina Victoria not believing that His Blacknificence N’bongo-bongo Clicking-Sound III and his half-naked retinue of painted witch doctors and club-toting slave-wranglers was her social equal.

    Thank Greta we are so much more enlightened than the Victorians, who were so irrational they didn’t even believe in magic words like racistsexisthomeophobic.

  3. It has long been my suspicion that she only married a real Black Britain so she could pursue her carer of grievance A bit like the every very posh Ms Harman marrying Jack Dromey
    I think she is precisely wrong here . New Labour did a lot of good things but in supporting a culture of appeasement of separatist groups like the BMC, and in general allowing the anti native narrative they did huge harm.
    More should be expected of newcomers not less and the numbers should have been rigidly controlled

    It was this above all that has led to the national catastrophe of Brexit – ethnic outrage , and I have some sympathy.

  4. “It was this above all that has led to the national catastrophe of Brexit – ethnic outrage”

    Still not getting it, and hence (as is evident) unlikely ever to make a useful contribution on the issue of Brexit.

  5. If that was true, and I venture no opinion, it would make many of your comments on this forum on the subject of Brexit simply completely dishonest.

  6. (note new name, artist formerly known as BnLiA)

    Steve, the Victorians were so backward they didn’t even know what “Transphobia” was !

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