Just think what could be done!

Andrea Leadsom announced £1bn of extra government spending for the Green New Deal before the Tory party conference.

The sum involved is one-fiftieth of that needed. The Green New Deal Group think we need at last £50 billion a year for the next decade.


It takes some effort to get Green New Deal spending pretty much wrong at every level, given the quantum onwards, and when there is so much to do. But Leadsom has managed it. Which is staggering.

Put me in charge and I’ll piss away 50 times as much!

Which does lead us to that problem for these grand plans to go spend the hell out of everyone else’s money. Politics just isn’t a very good system of doing so, is it?

7 thoughts on “Just think what could be done!”

  1. Once we get Brexit –this is the next battle–along with stopping migrants.

    Remember if we lose the floor of Hell will be the only end to our Fall.

  2. Murphy has the breadth of vocabulary of an English as a second language student in year two of study.

    Few of his blogs do not contain one or more of his cliches, such as “staggering”

  3. How much of Boris’s worry about climate/environment is because he really believes the nonsense and how much to woo those who have bailed from Labour to seek refuge in the Green Party and the greenish LibDems, in time for the General Election – if we live long enough to see one.

  4. I’m with Pcar; not only his girlfriend, but his social circle. Look at the way Gove turned green over the last few years.

  5. Note the veiled threat in his words. With the coming of their new Saint (Thunberg) people like Murphy and other dangerous authoritarians feel that democracy is ‘taking too long’ to ‘make essential changes’ that ‘society’ ‘needs to ensure its survival’ As Ecks says – we need to drain this swamp and pronto. One way tickets to North Korea/ Venezuela/ Zimbabwe all round and forced loss of citizenship… It’s them or us

  6. ‘Politics just isn’t a very good system of doing so, is it?’

    Politics is show business for the ugly.

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