Most amusing

You think this one is going to go wrong:

Identical triplets have been jailed after helping to supply an “extremely dangerous criminal” with an Uzi sub-machine gun and a loaded pistol.

DNA belonging to Reiss, Ralston and Ricky Gabriel was identified on the deadly weapons, but it proved impossible for the police to ascertain which of the brothers it belonged to.

So therefore they jail all three just in case?


Scotland Yard detectives then launched an extensive investigation to establish which of the brother had handled the firearms – and using mobile phone and surveillance evidence were eventually able to prove it was actually all three.

9 thoughts on “Most amusing”

  1. I’m amazed you can get DNA from handling a gun. What did they do, spit on it to wipe the fingerprints off?

  2. Is that right? Plod investigated AFTER conviction? Wow, that’s even worse than failing to investigate BEFORE arrest.

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