No, really, they haven’t

Over the last 40 years wages have stagnated in real terms

Really Guardian, they haven’t.

11 thoughts on “No, really, they haven’t”

  1. It’s so self evidently bollocks to anyone who is over 40 years old.

    How do they measure wages to come to such an absurd conclusion?

  2. If this is the case why are they so pissed off at all the vast hordes of working class people clogging up their airports?

  3. The Guardian only cares about relative wealth/income not actual. I suspect they found that if you earned the median wage in 1979 then you were on the 50th percentile of income, and that if you earned the median wage in 2019 then this hadn’t changed. Obviously terrible.

  4. In the seventies and eighties, many families were supported by one breadwinner. Now days, families are smaller and both parents work.

  5. Oh, they’re talking about Americans. Well, strictly-speaking, it’s true: median inflation-adjusted pay in the U.S. has barely changed in the last 40 years. Source:

    You can quibble with the definitions of “median”, “inflation-adjusted”, and “pay” to torture out a different result; but at face value this reflects poorly on America’s ability to generate economic growth.

  6. My parents raised four of us while my mum worked part time. Good luck doing that today on what my dad earned in “real terms”.

  7. @AndrewM

    We’ve had to work hard at that. It involved importing large chunks of Latin America to keep wages down. Just think of the screaming that would occur if we were importing journalists, studies professors, and social workers willing to work at half the going wage.

  8. Things haven’t really changed though have they? In the 70s a fish finger sandwich for after school tea was a nice change from Spam (or PEK). Now fish finger sandwiches are trendy post ironic hipster foody fayre served on an old coal scuttle.

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