Nothing good will come from messing with nature

Indian woman, 73 gives birth to twin girls

Hmm, well, actually, there are two good things here. Two baby girls.

Now, whether the messing with nature is worth it is another matter, but there’s definitely good things coming from it.

4 thoughts on “Nothing good will come from messing with nature”

  1. Manngayamma may be the oldest woman to conceive. Shankar said according to her patient’s birth certificate, she was born in 1946.

    She didn’t actually conceive did she…?

    A donated egg and husband’s jizz, no part of the baby is really down to her apart from carrying it…

  2. ‘Nothing good will come from messing with nature’

    Not in the article. But returning to nature, and a 30 year life expectancy, is not good.

    ‘Asked how they would care for their children, Rajarao said: “Nothing is in our hands. Whatever should happen will happen. It is all in the hands of God.”’

    So the kids are going to starve, anyway.

  3. With several billion people some odd things are likely to happen, but I doubt that there are very many 73 year old women anxious to become mothers. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that there was one. There might even be two. But three? Probably not.

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