Our Word Indeed

‘We are a target’: wave of xenophobic attacks sweeps Johannesburg
Men with homemade weapons march along a street in Johannesburg on Sunday. Photograph: AP
Migrants in South Africa’s commercial capital face looting, violence and sometimes even death

by Jason Burke

In the Kismayo meat restaurant at the heart of the Mayfair neighbourhood of Johannesburg, the elders of the city’s Somali community hold urgent meetings about the attacks on foreign-owned businesses and traders that have been surging for more than a week.

D’ye mean that it’s not just Whitey who is sometimes xenophobic and racist?


18 thoughts on “Our Word Indeed”

  1. South Africans seem to have got the hang of Somalis, then? Don’t suppose they’ll be electing them to the Council of Provinces, either..

  2. But if Whitey hadn’t invaded SA, it wouldn’t be nearly as wealthy today, so all those Nigerians and Somalians wouldn’t migrate there. It’s all Whitey’s fault in the end.

  3. Twas ever thus at least as far back as the Zulus annual pillage tours of Southern Africa pre colonisation of the interior. Ask a Zambian or Malawian what they think of the Ngoni. (Somewhat lower than the Arab slave traders who exploited the disruptions which only ended with David Livingstone)

  4. If it wasn’t for white people stealing their vibranium, native bushmen would be colonising Alpha Centauri by now 🙁

  5. The Mrs showed me a clip from one of her friends (over there). It was 2 minutes showing a guy who had been set on fire by members of the mixed race mob standing around, angered that he had the temerity to come to their country and “steal” a job.

    I’m told that many among such a crowd spend their ambitionless lives drinking and fornicating from one government handout to the next.

    They laughed and hooted as the poor fucker staggered about, his tired, burnt lungs too painful to scream anymore, eventually collapsing, overcome by the heat of the flames, the fats in his flesh sizzling the last of his life away.

    It’s an awful and repellent country inhabited by the dregs of humanity and should just be nuked.

  6. This is where white guilt gets you. If you tell thick people that all their problems are caused by X other class of people they will want revenge against that class. The largely white Anglocentric left, in particular, are just doing to blacks what Hitler did to gullible Germans. Sorry to Godwin myself, but it’s true. They will kill us and feel justified in doing it.

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