Pavlov was right

and the medical education prize for a US group that showed that acoustic clickers used in dog training also boost the skills of surgical students.

From the IgNobels

11 thoughts on “Pavlov was right”

  1. Also gymnasts, squash players children etc. Used properly they improve performance in any discipline where conditioned reflexes matter, basically by picking out the precise time when the trainee is doing it right.

  2. Off-topic, from Spud “The Fair Tax Mark is growing robustly in the UK. More than fifty businesses have now been certified”

    There are around 1.9 million actively trading companies in the UK.

  3. It’s an interesting commentary on the gullibility of British business, Andrew I know I sold all my SSE shares purely on the basis of them having a Fair Tax Mark.

  4. Pavlov has always been right..
    It’s a principle that’s been used forever by priests and politicians. You just got to catch ’em when they’re young and/or vulnerable.

  5. Our eldest cats are clicker trained. Can use it on elephants and horses too but we don’t have them at home.
    Basic animal training method that’s been used for centuries.

  6. bis

    It actually fucking annoys me.

    HMRC are the arbiters of whether someone is paying the right amount of tax, not some jumped up twat like Murphy.

  7. Apparently, Andrew, all but 50 of the UK’s 1.9m actively trading companies agree with you. I wouldn’t regard it as fucking annoying. It’s not even trivially annoying. But it is amusing..

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