Pecunia non olet

Michael Jackson songs have been pulled from primary school teaching materials in the wake of child abuse allegations.

A company that supplies music lesson resources to around half the primary schools in England removed all mentions of the late pop star from its teaching material.

Charanga took the decision earlier this year, following the release of the Netflix documentary Leaving Neverland, which detailed claims from Wade Robson and James Safechuck that they were abused by him as young boys.

Mark Burke, director of Charanga, said: “In light of the allegations made against Michael Jackson in March, we felt it inappropriate to promote or share his content with our users.


The music stands or falls as music. The sexual behaviour as sexual behaviour. One does not infect the other, either way around.

Still, be interesting to see the BBC subtitles of a show arguing this point. They’re still using Gill Sans aren’t they?

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  1. Still, be interesting to see the BBC subtitles of a show arguing this point. They’re still using Gill Sans aren’t they?

    Acksherly, the Beeb moved to a new custom typeface earlier this year, claiming it works better on screens. It’s called Reith.

  2. The Beeb still have Gill’s statuary on the outside of their HQ. Didn’t he have to reduce the penis size? (Or was that the London Transport HQ in St James’s?)

  3. There was an attempt to get Westminster Cathedral to remove its Gill art (a set of stations of the cross, I think) in the ‘90s. Not just the Guardian but articles in the Evening Standard as well.

    Fortunately failed, although the unpopularity did mean I was able to buy quite a few of his woodblock prints very cheaply around that time.

    But I didn’t know the BBC used to use Gill’s font (didn’t he do it for one of the railway companies?); it would have been very amusing if they had articles calling for his art to be removed from public display but written in his font.

  4. Typical government response. Arse covering to the max.

    I don’t buy the allegations, because there’s a whole load of stuff about the accusations that is wrong. Like one of them claimed he was abused from 1988 to 1992 in the railway station that Jackson had, but it wasn’t built until 1993.

    Jackson was definitely a weirdo oddball, though.

  5. I dunno. yes, music different from the man, but in all likelihood the reason why they chose Michael’s music is because the mythos of his connection with the kids. That mythos needs a serious updating in the light of the revelations, and yeah music lesson for 7 year olds isn’t the right place to do it in, so find another artist. What’s wrong with Noddy Holder?.

  6. Tim, what do you make of the Epstein / MIT money? Some time after his conviction for fiddling with a 14 year old girl, Epstein donated an obscene amount of money to MIT. The donations were labelled as “anonymous”, because even the geniuses at MIT understood that his was a toxic brand. The accusation seems to be that Epstein was trying to clean his name through charitable giving, despite the anonymity. Does “pecunia non olet” still apply?

  7. JuliaM, when was the last time you heard Gary Glitter songs played on the airwaves? Michael Jackson seems to get a free pass…because reasons.

  8. Percy Grainger’s music was performed twice at this year’s Proms, one being at the Last Night of the Proms, which was broadcast on the BBC.

    As he was a well-known white Aryan supremacist racist, how the hell was this allowed to happen?

  9. Andrew,

    The question here is where “pecunia non olet” meets “receiving stolen goods” on the part of the receiver of said charitable giving.

    The Christian in me cogitates on repentance and one good way to do that is to try to make amends and use your funds to undo the damage you’ve done, but the question remains how to do that without appearing to “buy off” your victims. Trying to use donations to prop up your “good” name doesn’t cut it though.

    The weird thing is that the bad’un stays filthy rich if no-one is willing to take his money…

  10. “What’s wrong with Noddy Holder?.”

    Slade are much underrated in my opinion.

    17 consecutive top 20 hits and six number ones.

    I was at Donnington Park in ’81 when Slade, pretty much on the undercard, absolutely stole the show. A speeded up version of ‘Mama, we’re all crazy now’ being the highlight.

    They were a great live band.

  11. Henry, mainly because Jacko made great music and Glitter was, er, shite.

    Glitter also got caught, did time, got let out, and then did it again, whereas Jacko didn’t actually get convicted of anything.

  12. A separate issue with a bit of “olet” is when the donation or purchase is being used to buy some kind of influence. Not relevant here, possibly only obliquely with MIT since Epstein seems to have been trying to degrub his name rather than push an agenda,* but is sometimes. Even the appearance of influence-buying can be good enough reason for researchers to turn down corporate funding if they’re worried about the appearance of bias, for example – regardless of how objectively they pursue the research, it may stop others from taking their results and claims of impartiality seriously.

    * Though if any of his mates at MIT had published papers on “why sordid untrue rumours circulate on the interwebs” or “how google results mislead people and we should all get the right to edit google’s results about us” or “why young teens are neurologically mature enough to consent to various eccentric billionaire shenanigans” then I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded…

  13. What BiG said.

    Jacko was an incredibly talented and culturally significant artist and there’d be a yuge hole in the 80’s if you cut him out of the picture. PC World’s all-time least happy customer… less so.

    I don’t understand why people let him babysit tho.

  14. They’re still using Gill Sans aren’t they?

    To be fair, that was in the old days when people still had private lives and one could be blissfully unaware that an artist was shagging his sister’s dog.

  15. The allegations against Jackson were tested and destroyed in a court of law. Razorfist has several vids on Youtube debunking the –for cash–allegations /book against Jackson. And the recent also for cash revival of allegations. MeToo having boosted the shite climate for such cash-winning attempts.

    Weird yes–child molester no.

    As for Glitter–whatever his wrongdoing—“Rock and Roll Christmas” was a reasonable seasonal hit.

  16. Ecks – c’mon bud, grown men don’t invite little boys to their bedroom for a sleepover if they aren’t a bit packet of sweets and a cheeky smile

  17. Odd one I discovered the other day; Admiral Beaufort, 18th century inventor of the Beaufort Scale for estimating wind speed, shagged his sister when he was in between wives. Not just speculation; he put it in his diaries (although he used a cipher, so it took a while to decode them).

    Should we therefore stop referring to gale force winds, and so on?

  18. Yes and no , I don`t apply the sort of a-historical judgements to artists and writers, like Enid Blyton say, some do , but MJ`s childlike persona was part of the show. It adds a layer of bewilderment and guilt , to the experience of the music.
    I think Off the wall might appear in my top ten albums but the performance of dancing machine is worth a look to see the him developing into the 80s dance king
    ( Still think Geoffrey Daniels is better on the floor though)

  19. Richard, I think it’s been proven that Beaufort in fact stole the idea from a PoC housemaid of his whom he abused throughout her young adulthood. I expect the Beaufort scale to be renamed the Mary Seacole scale very soon.

  20. The song ‘Michael Jackson is dead’ by Jon Lajoie is a wonderful and heart warming commentary on the situation.

    “Billy Jean was not his lover,
    Of course she wasn’t, she had a vagina
    And she was older than 12 years old…”

  21. Andrew- Slade, yes its odd, McBusted they weren’t but still seem to be regarded in the teeny rock category.

    I like probably 1/3rd of Michael Jacksons stuff, but his “i love you Michael” fans, his messiah, peter pan, I love the children complex was off putting in extremis.

    As Steve says what were the parents thinking to allow their kid anywhere near his bedroom? Criminal conviction? that requires beyond all reasonable doubt. Sleep over with wierd peter pan obsessed millionaire? I would have to convinced beyond reasonable and unreasonable doubt nothing would or could happen before i removed my personage from betweenst a kid of mine and him…
    and anyway the best bits were the van halen and slash guitar solos, which by all means should continue to be taught at the school of rock.

  22. ‘Michael Jackson songs have been pulled from primary school teaching materials in the wake of child abuse allegations.’

    That’s a big wake – Jackson had been dead 10 years. The allegations have been around for decades.

    How ’bout some “De mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est.”

    AND, Jackson’s music is a powerful draw for children, adding great value to the program. It will be denied because of Burke’s virtue signalling.

    Much virtue signaling is just making an ass of yourself.


    “I heard Michael Jackson was at Sears today! They had boys pants half off.”

  23. Steve–Look for yourself.

    Jackson never “slept” with little boys. As the film tells his bedroom was a vast two level space probably bigger than the houses most of us live in. He frequently shared it with his relatives and friends. That never consisted of them being in his bed. You sleep in the same space as your kids–ie the same house–likely smaller than Jacko’s bedroom.. Does that make you a paedo? Of course not.

  24. I see Mr Ecks and is it your habit to invite strange children to your house for sleepovers .. perhaps you cold listen to your collection of yuletide Gary Glitter hits together ? ” Do you wanna touch” is, after all, a fine pop song as is “Doing Alright with the Boys”

    Note to self : Teach boys how to deliver kick to the nuts and run

    PS :….and anyway the best bits were the van halen and slash guitar solos,…….

    That opinion is so wrong and so evil that I can only interpret it as a sign that the apocalypse is upon us
    FFS Have you abso-fucking – lutely no taste at all ?

  25. Facepaint–a snobbish traitor–who never answers because he can’t excuse his treason–thinks that because I don’t believe tabloid bullshit = being a paedo. Discovered a sudden love for pleb tabloids have you Face?

    As for paedos –well a Rugby bath merchant like you would know far more about that –and general sodomy– than I.

    Just as your knowledge of treason , betrayal and snobbish middle class Marxist evil far exceeds my own.

  26. Newmania-
    “Have you abso-fucking – lutely no taste at all ?”

    erm….you’ve got me thinking there, I do like a good guitar solo. Contempory pop artists put a rapper in that slot- and come to think of it who started that?- Michael Jackson, to get Macaulay in his video.

  27. TomJ: That article has a heading:
    BBC Reith sans and sans serif

    “without and without serif”?
    The picture actually shows *serif* and sans serif, or colloqually, sans and *serif*.

    Reith himself would dispair.

  28. OT, but as Newmania is here, I see that Naked Attraction, a TV prog where prospective daters get their kit off in front of each other has a transgender woman participant tonight, for those of a prurient “bent”.

    Not being transcurious, I’ll give it a miss

  29. As for paedos –well a Rugby bath merchant like you would know far more about that –and general sodomy– than I.

    Fair point that ( it was a bit awkward in the bar afterwards ..)

    Hallowed B – there is a time and a place for a guitar solo and it is not I REPEAT NOT in the middle of an R and B track …unless maybe its an integral melodic element as in Easy Like Sunday Morning or used as a sampled rhythmic motif
    Otherwise it is against the law and the particular example you came up with was demonic

    Go out to the desert and purify yourself

  30. If MJ wasn’t a paedophile, he was a chimp-fucker….Or perhaps he couldn’t tell the difference in the dark.

  31. True, Theo. But this is not news. Leaving Neverland is nothing. For Burke to now declare that action must be taken due to its allegations is strange: why didn’t he take action 10 years ago? If action is required now, HE SHOULD BE FIRED.

  32. Never mind MJ Theo–the hierarchy of your fucking rabble of a Party are the chimp fuckers.

    ISIS Begum arrives secretly back in UK–well we knew BoJo was BlueLabour scum..

    If he revives Treason’s turd pie then its TBP regardless. And goodbye to your shower of shite.

  33. “Michael Jackson songs have been pulled from primary school teaching materials in the wake of child abuse allegations.”

    Wow, these guys are just really way behind in current events.

    Not only are these allegations *years* old, Jackson’s dead, and the accusers have basically no credibility.

    Plus, what’s the point? Its not like these kids are going to fall in love with Jackson’s music and then end up in Neverland to be kiddie-fiddle by a corpse.

  34. “In light of the allegations made against Michael Jackson in March,”

    In *March*? March of what, 1993? Jesus, its been 26 years and these people just noticed this stuff because of a shitty Netflix ‘documentary’ – or rather, ‘smear job’.

  35. Why would his, er, output be taught in schools?

    I don’t recall a module The Kinks when I was a boy.

    Even if you subscribe to the view that such, er, output is, er, just as, er, valid as, like, Beethoven, what purpose is served by including it in teaching materials? Is it lessons in exhibitionism? How to program a drum kit? How men might best apply make-up? What?

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