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Google has ‘somewhat’ censored this blog and the CT.

Myself and a few others are looking at starting a political news and comment site…

Struggling for names and domains.

Heres a few ideas…

westminsternow.com /.co.uk
westminstercrunch.com /.co.uk
westminster-live.co.uk /.com

Any other suggestions?

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  1. If it is another “comments neutered” special Tim don’t bother. Guido already does enough censoring for 10 new sites.

  2. I guess I don’t really understand what Google has to do with it. Won’t they just ‘somewhat censor’ the new site as well? Why not just continue to say what you want to say here and at CT?

  3. What does “somewhat censored” mean? And in what way will whatever.com differ from what you already do and others do elsewhere?

    It strikes me that there’s an abundance of sites, often ill-informed and poorly written.

  4. I would imagine what Tim means is they don’t turn up on Google searches because “unsuitable content”. Or flagged as hotbeds of a Waffen SS revival movement.
    Which is where your political site’ll end up if you’re not woke enough.
    I’d imagine Google’d like to blacklist Guido. But he got in under the wire. He’s got too big a readership now.

  5. If you are going to register a uk domain register both .uk and .co.uk
    But just how as google censored it? As you were told, you have probably hit an own goal and demoted the site by carrying those sponsored content pieces. So before you start another new site I suggest you take the trouble to read the Google Webmaster blog and similar sources before you fall for SEO snakeoil.

  6. votingdoesntmatteradamn.co.uk




    Anyone guess what my opinion of 99% of our current crop of MPs is?

  7. M’Lud: Bit light in the loafers, perhaps

    – there’s bundles of them in parliament and loads more aspiring to get in.

  8. Wot BIND and TMB said.

    If you keep doing what you’re doing, then presumably you’re going to keep getting the same result – my understanding is that the big Macedonian boys who are in roughly the same line of business as you, albeit fakenewsier, just play “whack-a-mole” (as the moles, rather than the hammer) and keep popping up again under new names until Google catches them once more.

    But that’s a self-limiting business model, when to make a really good living you probably want to be developing a site that has the chance to really mature and establish itself. Which presumably means finding a USP, concentrating intently on that, and not doing whatever the thing is that Google doesn’t want you to do.

    Failing that, I can’t see how having your own site can bring in more than freelancing – the pay rates for freelancing might not be brilliant but at least they’re being backed by a good number more eyeballs than a typical one-man-band site can muster.

  9. I repeat previous comments, what exactly is Google “censoring”? I’ve just done a search for “Tim Worstall” and the first hit was here. But that’s to be expected. What searches are you assuming people are doing which results in this site not being listed?

    If I did a search for “pet fish” I wouldn’t expect this site to be listed above pet shops, but what searches *are* you expecting to list this site?
    Plus, the fundamental core of Google’s search algorithm is that is up-lists sites that *searchers* declare are relevant by the *searchers* chosing to click through from the search results. If a search for “pet cats” lists foo, bar and toby, and more people click through to toby, then the next time somebody searches for “pet cats” the list will be toby, foo and bar.

  10. @jgh September 8, 2019 at 11:50 am


    Really annoying when Tim/Richard ask for help then don’t bother replying to questions – makes offering advise pointless.

  11. Houseofcowards.co.UK









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