Dealing with perpetual incompetence is very hard, in itself. Dealing with bombast, hubris and even straightforward lying from the incompetent party is harder still.

That’s why Snippa is no longer a member even or organisations he started.

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    On the subject of Spud, I’ve been listening to some interesting programs on the economics of slavery and the plantations and the role that the New History of Capitalism (NHC) has played in bring forward the reparations arguments. Its bollocks, mostly historians double, triple and quadrupling assumptions to make cotton seem more economically important that it was to the American economy. It practice it was just Mercantilism with plantation owners extracting rents from the Government’s support of their trade and picking up their external costs.

    When listening I did wonder how long it would be before Spud hears something about NHC and makes up his own version because it sounds good and pronounces it to be the saviour of the world, or at least the latest excuse for his GND.

    Phil Magness returns to the show to discuss his work on slavery and capitalism, particularly as it relates to the New History of Capitalism (NHC) and the New York Times’ 1619 project. Phil recently wrote an article entitled, “How the 1619 Project Rehabilitates the ‘King Cotton’ Thesis.” In it, he argues that the NHC has unwittingly adopted the same untenable economic arguments made by slaveowners [sic] in the antebellum South: that slave-picked cotton was “king” in the sense of being absolutely indispensable for the global economy during the industrial revolution.

  2. Wasn’t the UK already moving to Indian-grown cotton* at that time? Wasn’t that one of the things that made Lancashire cotton workers refusing to process “slave” cotton economically viable as there was an alternative source to keep people in work.

    *Not that that was completely unblemished, what with the British administrators forbidding locals using local cotton to make cotton goods, forcing them to export the raw material and import the finished goods.

  3. Smart meter rollout delayed for four years

    “And like Brexit, it’ll be kicked down the road again, when the public continue to tell our overlords to “get fucked!”.

    When will the ******* accept that we, the people, do not want these monitoring devices in our homes?”

    The Minister for Climate Change, Lord Duncan of Springbank, said: “We remain on track for suppliers to offer every home a smart meter by the end of next year, but to maintain momentum beyond 2020 we are proposing strict yearly installation targets for suppliers from 2021. This will deliver even greater benefits for households and reduce emissions.”

    Now in my simple mind the word ‘offer’ is a very different one to ‘install’ so the Minister gets to claim they’ve done their bit and its not yet another over budget, unnecessary Government IT project then fine the Energy companies who cant meet the targets as the majority clearly don’t want one. They don’t want their profits to drop so stick up the prices and the consumer looses.”

  4. Smart meters will let us know that turning every electrical device in the house on at the same time costs us more in electricity than turning most of it off.

    Thank fuck for smart meters, ’cause I could never have worked that out without them.

  5. Good News

    YouGov poll makes for grim reading (for politicians and greens) – half of Britons and most Europeans are sceptics

    Despite blanket coverage of the antics of Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion on the BBC and elsewhere in the media, just 51% of Britons think that mankind is the main cause of climate change.

    And as the poll reveals, a majority of Europeans, including two thirds of Scandinavians, are dissenters from the climate “consensus”.

  6. including two thirds of Scandinavians,

    Goodness! hadn’t they better keep Pippi Climatestocking in the Frozen North, then?

  7. @TMB

    Yep, two thirds of Scandinavians saying AGW is BS is best news


    Yes, 51% of UK is not good, but it’s falling year by year – much better than Groan’s revelation today “Now 99% not 97%” [101% next year?]

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