Salon does it again

This economist debunked all the right-wing talking points about the Green New Deal
Salon spoke to an economist about the practical implementation of a Green New Deal

Actually, he does no such thing.

But this did interest:

and participating in things like a community-oriented provision like Victory Gardens,

That we’ll all have to go back to digging our own veg in the communal fields doesn’t sound all that much like a refutation of the worries over the Green New Deal to be honest.

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  1. Victory gardens? While living at Victory Mansions as the clocks strike 13 no doubt.

    If these greenfreak Marxist cunts get their way.

  2. They need to be challenged at every turn. The whole proposition is specious. And the proposed solution, regressive. THEY will fly and be driven past the rest of us as we slave in the fields of Airstrip One.

    Can we see HIS victory garden before we commit?

  3. Green New Deal should also be committed to sort of mobilizing, you know, an army of workers to do forestation, watershed deviation and a host of… making qualitative and making logical improvements in places that we have already done damage, but I think those have to be part and parcel to each other.

    Mobilising an army of workers is nothing like Soviet style style economics. It’s not another White Sea–Baltic Canal
    or Moscow-Volga Canal. Really, trust me

  4. The middle-class campaign to get the working classes back where the middle-class believes they belong – toiling in the fields, rather than enjoying unprecedented prosperity under capitalism and inconveniently competing for property in what were once exclusively middle-class neighbourhoods.

  5. “Watershed deviation” is moving mountains. Not by JCB and HE, but with an army of devotees of Gaia with buckets and spades and the power and faith of AOC thought.

  6. Good lord. The soi disant economist’s solutions are all unmechanised Classic soviet feudal labour …

    How do entities of this nature find paying employment (beyond stoop labour, which apparently enthuses him)???

  7. Actually, he does no such thing.

    Now that is the understatement of the year!

    I have never read such a load of half-witted deranged bullshit in my entire life and I follow many of the links on David Thompson’s blog.

    He saves the best bit for last, saying he only really admires Bernie Sanders’ stance on the Green New Deal but thinks his team has spent too much time on “the paperwork questions” ie trying to work out how to pay for it.

    MMT should be reclassified as a mental illness.

  8. “That we’ll all have to go back to digging our own veg in the communal fields doesn’t sound all that much like a refutation of the worries over the Green New Deal to be honest.”
    Something like that was tried fairly recently. There are piles of skulls all over Cambodia to prove it doesn’t work.

  9. I know it is only an aside in a far wider stupidity that is the New Green Deal, but I work a large veggie plot (for pleasure you know!) (with no powered tools), under the commie management of my wife. She decides, I execute or else….

    Anybody who thinks there is anything romantically realistic about the world feeding itself directly from our own individual labour needs their head examined. Starvation, a total lack of arable land and a miserable brutish life lie down that route.

    There is no rational reason to do what I do. It’s like running a train set or making model airplanes. Yes, I enjoy the produce but a kilo of sugar snap peas probably costs me about £80 (at a conservative guess) if you factor in my time and not at my training rates.

    The ‘Spew Green DealTM’ is for dunderheads, non-economists, romantic murderers and intellectually-challenged gardeners and politburu members only.

  10. Dennis, He Who Calls Out Bullshit

    The economist at the center of this… Do you know what he does for a living?

    He sits in a room with a meteorologist and tries to forecast customer energy demand on short-term basis for his employer.

  11. @bilbaoboy

    Agreed – I know plenty of folk round here who enjoy working vegetable plots and allotments, but if you cost in their time it’s far more expensive that Mr Waitrose’s produce. The other problem is that it’s either famine or feast. As things are at present, you can swap or flog your excess, but if everyone was in the same boat?

  12. Like bilbaoboy, I have a large vegetable garden for the fun of the thing. The only things that I am close to self-sufficient in are murphies (about 70kg/year) and onions and while summers produce short-term gluts, winters with plenty of leeks, parsnips and Brexit sprouts frankly lack variety which is what Waitrose is for.

    Mrs Bison has no say in the production but handles distributions of surplus bounty to less skilled kulaks.

    Come the Green New Deal, I shall be available for growing tips, seedlings and produce in exchange for eggs and poultry but we’ll none of us be happier for it.

  13. Recently watch a show called Alone where they dump some survival specialists in a remote area with basic tools and equipment and the last one standing wins the prize.
    It shows how remarkably hard living off the land is and the effort involved, in one case guy took down a moose (bow hunting no guns allowed) and then spent considerable effort trying to stop other animals stealing his stash of food, similar issues for others with foxes stealing from their snare lines.

  14. Hands up as another gardener, and yes, it’s all or nothing, I get dozens of spuds and have just picked two kilos of blackberries, but next week it’s nothing, and everything else I plant just dies. If Mr Morrison wasn’t growing mechanical brassicas and vacuuming up mackerels I would eat fresh for one week a year, and preserved for about one more week.

  15. “I think the federal government, United States has the ability to basically spend without limits, separate to resource availability and the financing within that can follow that.”

    Why doesn’t it buy everyone a Ferrari, a speedboat and a jacuzzi with hot and cold running tequila?

    These people are mentally ill.

  16. “A post-Green New Deal experience would have going to work on public transit or by walking or bicycling because we’ve made investments in walkable transportation-oriented cities.”

    Why do they need to go to work when the US government can “basically spend without limits”? Can’t they just send them a lottery winners cheque every month?

  17. ‘we asked spoke to an economist to get the scoop.’

    Sounds dirty to me.

    ‘For background, the term “Green New Deal” is a direct reference to the New Deal programs passed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s.’

    The Supreme Court found six of Roosevelt’s eight major New Deal statutes unconstitutional.

    ‘Its underlying premise is that, just as Americans from that era needed to combat the Great Depression through active and creative government involvement in the economy’

    It prolonged the Great Depression for 8 years.

    ‘so too do Americans today need to simultaneously fight global warming, income inequality and other forms of social injustice through proactive progressive legislation.’

    All fake problems invented by the Left.

    ‘In the past Salon has turned to politicians who have pioneered the policy outlines of a Green New Deal for answers, foremost among them Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington (a Democrat who until recently was one of the 2020 presidential candidates).’

    A candidate for president and you had to FUCKING EXPLAIN WHO HE WAS!

    ‘For more on that, Salon spoke with Mitchell Green, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.’

    He of exquisite Leftard resume.

    ‘a research scholar with the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity’

    It’s global, I tell ya’!

  18. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Something like that was tried fairly recently. There are piles of skulls all over Cambodia to prove it doesn’t work.”

    Fascist. Real agrarianism hasn’t been tried yet. Next time it will be different.

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