So we hound him out of public life, right ?

Justin Trudeau has apologised over a photograph showing him wearing “brownface” make-up at a private school party.

The Canadian prime minister, who began his re-election campaign a week ago, is seen in the 2001 photo attending an “Arabian Nights” themed costume gala at the West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver.

Mr Trudeau, who was a 29-year-old teacher at the time, is shown wearing a turban and robes with his face, neck and hands darkened.

Or doesn’t that happen to lefties because reasons?

27 thoughts on “So we hound him out of public life, right ?”

  1. Trudeau is absolute lying marx-owned leftist scum. If the Canucks are dumb enough to re-elect the corrupt–in every sense of the word–POS then it is Goodbye Canada.

    And no–if Turdeau had been lead singer of the Black & White Minstrel Show the leftist prick would be excused duty.

  2. Can you imagine the righteous Guardian and BBC articles if this had been Trump?


  3. When I saw the photo, I judged by the girls’ hairdos that it dated to the early 1990s.

    That anyone might have thought they could get away with it in the early 1990s is surprising enough. But 2001?

    Man’s an idiot.

  4. I don’t care who wears blackface. I can’t see the crime if he walked down Ottawa high street dressed as Al Jolson.

  5. You can’t win.

    Black up for Aladdin and you’re castigated as a racist

    Remain white for Aladdin and you’re castigated for cultural appropriation and therefore racism

    There will be nowhere to hide very soon from the pogroms of the Left for almost anyone – except maybe a tribesperson in the Papuan jungle

  6. Ya gotta admire the fancy footwork of calling it “brownface”.

    Somewhere in Canada there’s a very proud spinmeister.

  7. “Ya gotta admire the fancy footwork of calling it “brownface”.”

    Yes, that really is something. Especially given it’s a black and white photo!

    Actually, 2001, black and white photo? Do you think they have made it black and white to age it?

  8. I was in the cast of ‘The Mikado’ at my prepper.

    Does that mean that I can be hounded out of my job because ‘Yellowface’?

  9. I’m glad I’m still in possession of the only photo of me aged five dressed as a golliwog in the Year One school play.

  10. Would it be OK if he said that he identified as such on that particular evening? Because if instead he had put a wig and stuck a pair of boobs on, that would be just hunky dory, yes?

    Like others, I can’t see – in any normal sane world – what the problem is. He “dressed up” – so bloody what?

    And then he says in the (current) interview that he should have seen it was racist? What a load of bollocks, he’s just another useless drip like the rest of them.

  11. Edward Lud
    Exactly what I was thinking.
    I’m assuming that Canada was at least at the same stage of puerile whining about blackface as the UK was in 2001. Certainly in the UK this was way past the point when anyone living in half-aware mainstream society would be extremely wary about even being seen in the same room as anyone blacking up.
    Even by 1965, Olivier playing Othello, where there was a dramatic reason to black up for all but the perpetually offended, was contentious. By 2001 you’d be risking at least being ostracized in “polite society” even if you avoided violence.
    What on earth sort of out-of-touch circles was Trudeau moving in?

  12. I got blacked up several years ago, when my then seven year-old used face paint to make me look, as she saw it, like a doggy. She even painted an amusing red tongue lolling out of the side of my mouth.

    But she was seven. And a girl. And half-caste.

    So can I be forgiven?

    I mean, I’m torn on this. I agree the whole black face thing is ridiculous, a power play.

    OTOH, Alinsky rules …

  13. Dennis, He Who Has Never Done Blackface (Unfortunately)

    Another great “Who gives a fuck?” moment brought to you by the mainstream media.

    Come on everyone, let’s all wring our hands and commence with the whinging.

  14. I’m obviously well out of touch re some of these dates / PC developments?

    I’ve just checked and it was 2005 when Harry dressed up as a Nazi. Yes, some worthless twats got offended if I recall correctly. Back in the real world, the rest of us were either mildly amused or couldn’t give a shit?

  15. Given how lightly he got off over complaints from a reporter about unwelcome sexual advances from when he was younger I would have expected this slide off him as well, though the new evidence of a 3rd occasion that he hadn’t admitted to has caused even some of the liberals in my office to feel uncomfortable defending him. Generally they see him as the anti-Trump though why Canadians care about the US president so much is beyond me

  16. @PF “I’ve just checked and it was 2005 when Harry dressed up as a Nazi.”

    Well, they did have all the best uniforms.

    I bet it was great fun to go out on the town in uniform if you were a SS tank commander during the war. You’d have been beating the Fräuleins off with your swagger stick.

  17. Woke snowflake Trudeau grovels and intones “I was racist doing that, forgive me” – Left & MSM forgive him.

    Pcar says “It was Arabian Nights fancy dress, it would have been insulting to host & others attending if I didn’t make an effort and dress & apply appropriate make-up to be in character.

    Fancy dress parties are have fun, escape from reality events. Accept it.

    For those claiming to be offended, saying I’m racist offends me”

    That said, Trudeau was PC woke snowflake BLM in 2001 and should resign, but Left hypocrisy and “Do as I say…”

    Should have gone as Prince Turhan?

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