That first law of the social sciences

All stereotypes have some truth in them:

As the first member of the Royal Family to marry someone of the same sex, it is perhaps fortuitous that Lord Ivar Mountbatten likes to shock.

The 56-year-old cousin of the Queen is preparing to celebrate his first wedding anniversary with James Coyle, who works as senior cabin crew for an airline.

Also “member of the Royal family” is doing some work there. Pretty extended family….

10 thoughts on “That first law of the social sciences”

  1. “Surely, “Royal Family” is Monarch plus Monarch’s children.”

    It depends.. Usually the distinction is made between “Royal House” ( = monarch + children + backup pretenders to the throne) and “Royal Family” ( which includes grandparents, uncles , aunts, nephews and nieces, but generally *not* cousins.)

    The UK being what it is, the distinction is probably a lot fuzzier than on the Mainland.

  2. Same sex marriage is evil & wrong – civil partnerships addressed & solved the issue.

    LGBT+ forcing others to – dislike them

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