They didn’t like the movie

This massively enlarged prostate of a film….

The G about the new Rambo.

9 thoughts on “They didn’t like the movie”

  1. Goodness – is that what’s supposed to happen when your masculinity goes toxic?

    I suspect that as a metaphor (apart from being vile) it doesn’t work too well as macho-ness and an enlarged prostate may not be ideal bed-fellows.

  2. I’m sure I wouldn’t like the film either but I don’t think the reviewer has a clue what goes on around the border. If Rambo had an enlarged prostate he wouldn’t be riding a horse.

  3. From the trailer Sly seems to keep the action to Rambo surprising assorted scumbags in a tunnel network. Rather than the silly concept of his 73 year old self taking on men lifetimes younger than him in a solid square go set-to so to speak. It works rather well–an older man using his wits sharpened by decades of experience to counter the advantages of youth.

    Of course soy-girl shite like the Gladrag would hate it. I’ll be getting it on vid–hopefully it will be released in time for Xmas.

  4. “his massively enlarged prostate of a film can only make you wince with its badly acted geronto-ultraviolence”

    One thing i realised watching the Creed – Rocky reboot recently- Sylvester’s acting in the Rocky character 30 years on was spot on. I’m sure he has his limitations but i doubt Rambo is beyond him either. More likely Its a case that the character is not everyone’s cup of lapsang-souchong.

  5. He gives the game away with “a laughable Trumpian fantasy”. It’s not the old ultra-violence that’s bothering him, it’s the depiction of politically incorrect baddies – “demonising Mexico” as the Guardian puts it.

    In the real world, Mexico is a horrifically violent narco state where human trafficking and sexual abuse are rampant. But you’re not supposed to depict that in films, lest the proles get ideas about maybe not allowing millions of people from shithole countries to continue invading the West.

    Hollywood is generally enthusiastic about toeing the PC line, with preposterous plots suggesting that white businessmen, Neo Nazis, or curiously multiethnic street gangs are major threats to life and limb. It’s why Morgan Freeman built a career on depicting the Magic Negro trope, and rarely got to play the baddie.

    Just last night, some idiot was waving around a fake severed blond head at the Mercury awards while screaming “Fuck Boris!”. Those sophisticated culture vultures at the Guardian said it was “amazing”.

  6. Nowadays critics criticize politics, not film. Of course the judgement is drearily predictable.

    Why does anyone pay the slightest attention to the Graun?

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