This isn’t trolling this is witness tampering

Apaedophile, who was jailed for ten years for abusing young girls in Rotherham, has had another 45 months added to his sentence after admitting trolling one of his victims.

Waseem Khaliq, 35, set up a fake Facebook account and used it in an attempt to intimidate the girl and undermine her evidence.

He also made a threatening phone call from prison, telling officers from the National Crime Agency (NCA) who were investigating him that he knew where they lived.

Khaliq was convicted of child abduction and indecent assault at Sheffield Crown Court last month as part of the long running Operation Stovewood investigation into sexual abuse and exploitation in Rotherham.

But after he was charged, Khaliq set up a fake Facebook account using the name, Andros Simpson, and used it to troll one of his victims.

Claiming to be an investigative journalist, who was looking into what happened in Rotherham, he claimed the victim was lying and said she was only giving evidence because she had been offered cash and a new house.

He also used the account to contact a number of associates of the victim in an attempt to intimidate her and prevent her from giving evidence.

Attempting to pervert the course of justice rather than trolling, which is merely snarling at someone online….an important distinction because trolling isn’t yet a crime and shouldn’t be.

14 thoughts on “This isn’t trolling this is witness tampering”

  1. Trolling is by analogy with fishing. Throw a comment into a thread deliberately designed to trigger an over-reaction by the usual suspects. However, like all the other early terms of art in internet discourse, it has lost its original meaning.

  2. Where’s Ironman to tell us we’re all racists for noticing that these people all seem to have similar names linked to one religion?

  3. Stonyground and Tractor Gent are correct. ‘Trolling’ is not being a dick on-line. Being a dick on-line is called ‘being a dick on-line’.

    ‘Trolling’, as one of the greatest trolls evah, Michael Malice, says, is saying something that forces your opponent to behave for your entertainment.

    Yes, idiot journalists and politicians have confused the two, but that needn’t preclude our pendantry.

  4. Being a journalist means you don’t actually have to know what words mean.

    In society, misuse of a word results in people correcting you. There are a billion Stonyground and Tractor Gents in the world. They do it not only to get the discussion straight, but also to HELP the person who made the mistake, so they won’t do it again.

    Journalists have no such feedback system. They say stupid stuff, and two of their friends say it, and two of their friends . . . . Stupid stuff said all over the world.

    It is the CM way. It is not nice to not correct people. You pretty much have to hate them.

  5. Dennis, Septic to the Masses

    You give a convicted felon serving a long sentence prison access to a computer and the internet…

    Is that “right” something the EU Human Rights Commission mandated, or did you Brits come up with that one on your own?

  6. @Gamecock

    Spot on.

    They did the same damn thing with ‘hacker’ 15 or 20 years ago. The word they wanted was ‘cracker’, a ‘hacker’ being just an extremely skilled programmer, especially at the lower-level languages.

    Perhaps ‘hacker’ sounded more sinister or something. The result of their ignorance, however, is that for non-techies ‘hacker’ now means what ‘cracker’ properly used to.

  7. @dennis
    the recorded message that played at start outgoing calls saying the call was from a prison had to be dropped as it infringes the prisoners human rights, which I find odd as isn’t the entire point of prison to punish by taking away your rights. Next they’ll say locking the doors doesn’t respect their right to freedom so they can come and go as they please.
    As for computers, yes they can use them and unmonitored, friends of mine had issues with a prisoner online grooming their teenage daughter, were told prison couldn’t monitor his internet usage.

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