This lad’s going to get into Disney for free.

Jermaine Bell was supposed to spend his seventh birthday at Disney World. He’d saved up money to take his family on a trip to Animal Kingdom in Florida.

Instead, he emptied his piggy bank to buy hundreds of hot dogs and serve them for free to Hurricane Dorian evacuees passing through their South Carolina town.
The 6-year-old opened a hot dog stand along the side of a busy road in Allendale and offered those escaping the coast free franks, water, chips and prayers.

It’s impossible to imagine this story ending with anything other than a freebie trip, isn’t it?

After all, to be usefully capitalist about it, how many acres of newsprint will Disney buy with a couple of compo tickets?

11 thoughts on “This lad’s going to get into Disney for free.”

  1. Why didn’t he give the money to one of the aid agencies? The State knows best how to disburse funds effectively.

    Laws need to be changed and sanctions applied to prevent a repeat of this irresponsibility.

  2. Dennis, ripped to the tits on vicodin

    Didn’t you wogs know that all six year olds here in the USA can afford to take their families to Disneyland?

  3. Dennis- We did. Tim has pointed out before Of the US states UK GDP (PPP) only ranks above Missisippi.

    (yes i know the red squiggly line told me but after 2 attempts i gave up) .

  4. Another ten years and he would have blown his money on hoes.

    Someone is going to be sad in ten years time.

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