Well, I did predict it

A boy who gave up the money he was saving for a trip to Disney World to feed evacuees from Hurricane Dorian received a surprise Disney trip on Sunday for his selfless actions.
While Jermaine Bell was celebrating his seventh birthday, cast members from Walt Disney World and Mickey Mouse showed up at his house to surprise him by telling the now-seven-year-old boy he would be going on a VIP getaway to Disney with his family later in the month.

Of course, it was fairly easy to predict but I did and I was right. Which puts me one up on Snippa in the prediction track record…..

9 thoughts on “Well, I did predict it”

  1. OT:

    Does anyone have a link to anything that has commentary on the recent BMJ report that says we are all going to die if we go ahead with BREXIT?

    I’m discussing this with reasonable remainers and former leavers that are now scared stiff of leaving.

  2. How much is A VIP getaway to Disney? If the “hundreds of dollars” spent on give-away hotdogs was two hundreds, someone could have made a very shrewd move here.

  3. You got to add both travel cost and lodging. Hotels in and around Disney World isn’t cheap, and I’m fairly certain Disney will comp them with the best accommodation. The food inside is also not cheap, so $100 will probably be enough for himself to get into one park 1 day.

  4. @Silverite September 10, 2019 at 11:12 am

    I find it unfair banks are being made to pay for Green Shill Snakeoil firms’ lies; it should be MPs and Lord Byrony, Gummer, Deben etc paying compo

  5. @Steve T September 10, 2019 at 11:35 am

    Start here with a name

    No Deal: Dr David “We’re going to die” Nicholl speaks to Jacob Rees-Mogg
    “Rees-Mogg was on Nick Ferrari’s LBC show and Dr Nicholl phoned in. Dr Nicholl drafted part of Operation Yellowhammer”

    Why on earth was Remainiac Dr Death drafting “impartial” Gov’t No-Deal reports?

    Littlejohn on Dr Death: Project Fear latest – NHS doctor cries ‘Bring out your dead’

  6. @Steve T September 10, 2019 at 11:35 am

    Then Left/Remoaners attack

    Cowardly Rees Mogg “defames” whistle blowing doctor

    Dr David Nicholl on C4 News: “I’m going to sue JRM for this:

    Jacob Rees-Mogg: Dr Nicholl as irresponsible as…

    His complaint: “(JRM’s) Words have actions” and I’m being… – yes Dr David “We’re going to die” Nicholl, your scaremongering words made ill people fearful

    MSM: Disagreeing with NHS staff is blasphemy – stone JRM

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