Well, yes….

Jacques Chirac obituary
Colourful French politician

Colourful politician” being obit speak for ghastly criminal who used politics to protect his crimes.

They don’t mess about either, detailing much of it all.

6 thoughts on “Well, yes….”

  1. Subtitle downplays it with passive voice: “was tainted by corruption”. Not quite as bad as the NYT’s infamous “airplanes brought down the World Trade Center”, but in both cases they’re afraid of telling the whole truth.

  2. “French politician turns out to be massive crook.”

    Why wouldn’t he be? It’s the default setting for European politicians.

  3. Locally, I’m getting much pushback from Ms BiTiN, who is french. She’s deeply pissed that I should voice a thought that France has traditionally had much more than its fair share of crooked politicians, and anyway Chirac wasn’t found guilty so there.

    But according to Wikipedia there were convictions of biznis men for paying bribes, but amazingly no politicians… who were they paying it to, one asks??

  4. ‘Tony Blair recalled how, after London beat Paris to host the 2012 Olympic Games, Chirac arrived at a G8 summit in Scotland and was “immensely gracious, congratulating me personally as well as the country, wishing me all the best and doing so with dignity and sincerity”’

    If you need Toni Blair to vouch for your sincerity you must be a thumping crook.

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