Well, yes, seems fair enough

Asinging star suspended by the Royal Opera House for groping a colleague on stage is being allowed to continue headlining performances at some of Europe’s premiere opera houses.

Not the groping of course, but the continued performances:

The allegations have split the world’s most prestigious opera houses, with some prepared to give Grigolo the benefit of the doubt until the ROH concludes its investigation, while others prefer to err on the side of caution .

Conviction and punishment after the investigation, no?

16 thoughts on “Well, yes, seems fair enough”

  1. I think you must be losing it Tim. Women should not be expected to work alongside men accused of this type of thing. In fact I’d go further still. I think we would all agree that women don’t lie about such things – or even make honest mistakes. This creature should be banged up forthwith and his job given to a lesbian. Preferably a black midget one.

  2. Erm,

    why is this being investigated by the Opera House?

    It apparently allegedly happened in Japan, and Shocked colleagues allegedly implored Grigolo to stop implying there were witnesses to whatever did or didn’t happen.

    If it is such a scandal – so much as to cost someone their job – why aren’t the police investigating? Did the woman not feel she was sexually assaulted?

  3. As it’s alleged he groped her on stage I’m sure there’s plenty of witnesses, so why implying witnesses exist is a problem I’m not sure.
    Would be interesting to know if the production required contact, so say he had to hug her and she’s saying his hands were in an inappropriate place in the hug or some such

  4. “I’m a sex addict. I’m attracted to mature women… complete women. If there’s a chemical attraction, I couldn’t care less about whether she has a toned rear or not.”

    i.e. anything in a dress.

  5. I’m a sex addict. I’m attracted to mature women… complete women. If there’s a chemical attraction, I couldn’t care less about whether she has a toned rear or not.

    Chemical attraction… Rohypnol? >:)

  6. It’s a terrible, shocking crime, etc, which is why it is entirely correct that it should be investigated by the Royal Opera House and not the police.

  7. Interested –if you are Interested and not that fuckwit Meiac who had a fad for using other peoples names for a while because I can’t imagine the real Int would be that naïve or plain daft– you are talking a load of white knight Victorian “Angel-of-the-Hearth” cockrot.

    Get this chum–whatever fantasy world you inhabit there are just as many if not more rotten scummy deceitful and no good women as their are men and possibly more.

    Large numbers of women would and constantly DO lie through their teeth about “this sort of thing” to gain a personal advantage or emotional satisfaction.

    So wise up or get some Gingko Biloba cos’ it sounds like your brain is going.

  8. Ecks, we all have those days..:)

    Marginally off cue, someone even suggested a sarc tag a couple of days or so back. No, just no – not on here..

  9. There’s some more information here


    “According to the newspaper Rovigo Oggi, Grigolo was carried away by the adrenaline generated by the success of the performance and from the applause and, recalling a scene in Faust, jokingly touched the false belly of a dancer in the company. When the dancer protested, he told her to ‘fuck off’. The Royal Opera production has a scene during which the ‘pregnant’ woman offers him her belly to touch, an offer he refuses. The dancer concerned is presumably the person that can be seen behind Grigolo in his Instagram post of him taking his applause.”

    So, not reaching for tits, ass or vag, just prodding a… false belly.

    I doubt he’ll perform for the ROH in future. They depend on government money, and that means going along with the #MeToo witchhunts. La Scala seem to have snapped him up, though.

  10. From the Telly, regarding Placido Domingo:

    …following allegations of sexual harassment made by around 20 multiple women.

    I would be hard-pressed to harass even one multiple woman, let alone “around twenty” of them. Well done, Placido!

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