What fun!

Vegetarians and vegans have a higher risk of stroke than those who eat meat, study finds

Presumably from all the salt they’ve got to put on to make it taste of something?

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  1. And always being perpetually worried & concerned about anything & everything. I defy you to find a happy vegan & the majority of vegetarians are miserable fcuks.
    There’s nothing like a thick steak, seared on the outside but bloody within with a decent glass of plonk, to reassure you that the world’s not such a bad place after all.

  2. They’re miserable to begin with, Mr in Spain. The food choice is merely a way of advertising it, and a lever with which to bully others to become as miserable.

    And you’re right bout steak and wine.

  3. Well just a moment ago Nick Ferrari interviewed someone who said this study showed the opposite – vegans and vegetarians have lower risk.

  4. I’m firmly convinced, M’Lud that vegetarianism & veganism are mostly about staking out territory. Forcing others to defer to their preferences. They’re weak people, who use our own good nature & willingness to compromise, against us. And apart from some curious eastern religions, it’s almost entirely a NW European, Coastal US phenomenon. It’s a signal of the decay of Western culture.

  5. Vegans have a head start being part brain-dead already.

    They also have a high carbohydrate I take (a lot of which refined sugar) because of the high carb fruit and veg, pasta, rice, bread but also the cakes and biscuits they eat to bring some taste and variety to their full diet.

    Meat is nearly all protein, goes to build muscle, nerve tissue particularly.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’d have thought vegan’s highest risk is a punch in the face, smug, insufferable, bastards that they are.

  7. I own a company that makes drinks that fit in with current ‘health’ trends and vegans are good customers for us. I’ve done a couple of vegan shows with 10k plus people attending and they are not healthy looking at all. Talking to them leaves you with the impression that 70% or so have real mental health problems, and I don’t mean that pejoratively at all. They seem to be suffering and unable to cope.

  8. To paraphrase The Good Book, ye have the miserable with you always so ye might as well enjoy them.

    I like that vegans have vegan cats and have to feed them supplements in lieu of meat to keep the perishers from perishing.

    It’s a similar sort of standing-the-world-on-its-head mentality that infests parliament at the moment.

    I find Newmania’s contributions to any thread thoroughly bracing at the moment. Keep it up!

  9. This thread has made me hungry. I’m nipping out to buy a steak, which will be consumed with a bottle of red.

    i can think of nothing more terrible to wish on vegans than the diet to which they have already subjected themselves.

  10. @Widmerpool
    Confirms what I’ve always thought. When conversing with a vegetarian the second topic will be their health problems.
    Still, as long as you keep relieving them of their surplus cash…

  11. Plonk?


    BiS in Spain for €11 you can get Viña Alberdi.

    Quality, but still an easy drink for people who don’t go for great wines. Wonderful accompanying one of those juicy steaks

  12. And Vegans are weird.

    Latest thing is a vegan farm run by women who have done away with the cocks cos they ‘rape’ the chickens.

    Don’t laugh. It’s going viral

  13. I’m probably missing something, but how can a vegan farm animals? Isn’t such oppression of our suffering fellow creatures what they’re supposed to be against??

  14. @dearieme September 5, 2019 at 10:27 am

    beef steak is overrated


    Venison, Duck… much better; beef is for pies, burgers etc. However, a blue/rare sirloin steak is tasty.

    @Widmerpool September 5, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    Thank you. Confirms my thinking & observations

  15. Eating muskox and reindeer at the best-reviewed restaurant in Greenland

    Arrggh “Well done just to be safe” “with Garlic butter” – Jessica, you’re a philistine

    Reminds me of cousin who holidayed/visited in our hotel. Chef gave him small portion of smoked salmon & prawns which he’d never eaten before; chef looked on aghast as cousin doused it with HP Sauce – chef, correctly, told all “no more expensive food for him, he’s pie & chips”

    In later life cousin was Sgt in REME

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