Women and DIY, eh?

Five women botched Notre-Dame car bomb terror plot by ‘using wrong fuel’ to light fuse, Paris court hears

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  1. Actually, diesel would be a better initiator than petrol for this sort of device. With petrol you’re likely to get an explosion, meaning the heat mostly goes upwards away from the gas cylinders. Diesel would produce a much more concentrated fire.
    But the real problem’s gas cylinders don’t explode. They’re designed not to. The top plug blows out under sufficient pressure, realising the contents in a jet. To get a decent bang you need an explosive initiator to split the cylinders. You’ll then get an expanding cloud of very cold droplets, well below their flashpoint. It’s only when they’ve warmed & vaporised, well mixed with oxygen, they ignite. Basic fuel/air bomb.

  2. BiS; handy to know, thanks.

    Ok, it is the Telegraph, but, apparently an employee of a bar noticed a gas canister on the back seat of the car. The car had also been “doused” in diesel.

    Personally, I would have thought that the first thing you’d notice was the stink.

    But it is Paris, I suppose.

  3. @David Ward
    But that’s not anywhere near an explosion. It’s just gas burning. And note, the flames stay close to the ground. So the “gas” at that point is actually a cold liquid. The contents of just one gas cylinder properly exploding would have punched screen out of the following car at that distance. A 15kg butane cylinder has about the energy density of 60kg of TNT. A lorry load would level an area several hundred metres in circumference..

  4. Two of the women, who both pledged allegiance to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), risk life in prison

    Risk but won’t once pussy pass deployed

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