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  1. If the Guardian is, almost by definition, a small group of people deciding what the population is/should be doing based on what the Guardian believes, the Guardian fashion page is a microcosm of even that.

    Though to be fair the entire fashion world is as deranged and self-centred as that.

  2. OT but more Guardian bollocks

    “A few hours after this column is published, I hope to be in a police cell. I don’t yet know what the charge will be, where I will be arrested or when, but I know that if I go home this evening without feeling the hand of the law on my sleeve, I will have failed. This may sound like a strange ambition, but I believe it is a reasonable one.” George Mong-idiot

  3. If there is a more pompous self-important cunt on the planet than Moonbat, I have yet to see him. Even Spud is miles behind.

  4. Moonbat? I hope the cops beat the shit out of him and then put him in a cell with his favourites–gypos.

  5. I hope to be in a police cell. I don’t yet know what the charge will be

    Badger buggery, by the looks of him.

  6. What would the attributes be on the Top Trumps cards?

    Dunning Kruger score
    Danger to Society

    Scores out of 100 for each

    Spring to mind

  7. “Wasting police time?”
    The trial shouldn’t take long. He basically confessed in advance in a national newspaper.

  8. BBC have reported that Moonbat was amongst those recently arrested

    So now he can add martyr status to his sanctimonious claptrap he’s going to take insufferable to a whole new depth.

  9. As he will no doubt write a number of articles about the experience maybe his payment for the articles could be taken by the courts under proceeds of crime legislation

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