That’s a surprise then.

And that’s even without counting two tries*.

*Well, sorta. One probably.

23 thoughts on “Ah”

  1. Blimey that was impressive. The awl blicks were stuffed. yup. That Ben young disallowal seemed very dodgy.

    But was getting a bit annoyed at the camera work or rather the director. They have so many cameras which the director then feels obliged to cut to mid play that they very often miss the important stuff.

  2. I tipped them to win, unlike all my Aussie colleagues who tipped England to beat the Wallabies last week. England are very good and developing plans to suit the opposition.

  3. Someone on Twitter wondered if Bercow might have been the TMO, but it was pointed out that if he had been, he would have been wearing All Blacks kit and joined in the Haka.

  4. Magnificent game. England didn’t let them play. Simple as that.
    19 turnovers! Without three moments of imprecision it could have been 33 – nil.

    Not mentioned in the commentary was the mid field defence, in my view the key to victory.
    Forced back to the big men, or forced into touch (how many times?)
    If they keep stats on yardage by 9, 10, 12, 13 I’d guess NZ came out negative while in possession.
    (Even allowing for 10 yards at lineouts)

    I thought pre match odds (5-2 against England) were dodgy, but I didn’t have a bet on either.

  5. A well deserved win. If England had been as precise for the remaining 78 minutes as they were for the first two they’d have racked up a huge score.

    I once watched a Bledisloe Cup game where the Blacks were beaten – it was a joy to be present. But today: I’ve never seen them so comprehensively thumped.

    I did chuckle at the disallowed try where England used a favourite old All Black tactic – running an obstruction.

  6. Dearieme,

    I’m both an ABA, anyone but Australia, and an ABW, anyone but Wales. It just becomes an apparent problem when they play each other, but it is then when I discover how intense is my hatred of Wales. The complete dominance of the ABs over the Wobblies in the Bledisloe is, to me, a thing of great joy.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    Its amazing how ordinary the ABs look when the opposition doesn’t give them due respect by stepping back a meter or so and allowing them to play.

    England won that game, it wasn’t the ABs losing it.

  8. Why the insistence on respect for the haka?

    The refs were keeping the English team away. The other year the frogs were criticised for advancing on them while holding hands.

    Next time we’re up against them, shout back, something along the lines of “Come and ‘av a go if you think you’re ‘ard enuff!”
    I don’t see why the all blacks and some of the other island nations get to do a war dance while we have to stand and watch?

  9. Bloke in North Dorset


    Its more about keeping the area clear for TV cameras because they like it and like their cameras to have all the best angles.

  10. BiND,

    Bet the media would be happy if the opposing team ran in and tried to stop it. Probably would start a few fights. Then they’d have a really good story with lots of pics…

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    Indeed the media would, but RWC wouldn’t, hence the heavy handed response to them getting too close.

  12. The WRU once told the All Blacks they would be responding to the Haka with singing the welsh national anthem again, the ABs sulked and did the haka in the changing room instead

  13. In the live feed he said it was the fact that the player in front of the ball carrier played the ball so was considered forward, possibly a technical interpretation but he seemed pretty clear about it as commentators didn’t seem to have much of an issue with it

  14. Rassie’s genius tactic of kicking away possession from the base of the scrum… the only reason Wales lost is that I bet on them to win.

  15. Patchell hoofed it downfield with two minutes on the clock and three points needed for extra time. Madness. Alun from Wales’ decision to go for that scrum seemed insane, too, but turned out to be brilliant.

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