Ain’t this grand?

The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal has ruled against Canadian transgender activist Jessica Yaniv in a case stemming from a complaint Yaniv filed against multiple female beauticians who refused to wax Yaniv’s male genitalia.

“Self-identification does not erase physiological reality,” said Jay Cameron, a lawyer for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which represented the beauticians. “Our clients do not offer the service requested. No woman should be compelled to touch male genitals against her will, irrespective of how the owner of the genitals identifies.”

So, that’s the lawyer. Here’s the court:

Yaniv is being ordered to pay $2,000 to three of the accused women, one of whom was forced out of business due to the case.


16 thoughts on “Ain’t this grand?”

  1. Why does it need the “Human Rights Tribunal”? Isn’t there a magistrates court that can say ‘Piss off, you pervert’?

    Come to that, do none of these beauticians have husbands who could give the shit a beating? As time rolls by, and The State shows more and more that it has no interest in defending ordinary citizens I expect we’ll see more vigilante action. That’s a pity. Vigilantes are unlikely to be careful people – lots of innocents will get beaten up too. But I suspect it will be an inevitable result of the takeover of the state by Guardianistas.

    Similarly the takeover of our government by Quislings, Mr Speaker, and the Supreme Court will doubtless lead to results unpleasing to those shits.

  2. Why does it need the “Human Rights Tribunal”? Isn’t there a magistrates court that can say ‘Piss off, you pervert’?

    It was an extra layer Leftists in Canada inserted, below the layer of actual courts, where they and their clients could make life utter hell for their opponents, but without all that inconvenient bother about “due process”, “presumption of innocence” and all that.

    It takes forever, it bankrupts you, the process is a joke and the punishments arbitrary and invented.

    That they found against this wanker is astonishing, completely out of character for them.

  3. $2,000 might cover a couple of letters sent by their lawyers. Unless the lawyers were pro bono or they were funded by others in some way, they are still fucked.

  4. Rob, preliminary decisions went the other way and led to several columns’ worth of outrage in US conservative blogs.

    Yaniv sought out these beauticians to compel them to play along with his fantasy, just as LGBTQ activists seek out the one Christian baker or photographer in town they know do not want their business, in order to dominate or ruin him.

    American legislators don’t want to repeal the public accommodations laws that hold that a businessman has no freedom of association, but add an exemption if one’s reason for declining to serve customers is based on “sincerely held Christian beliefs.” This replaces a mess in the judiciary with a greater mess.

  5. The fines are a bad joke, far less than the sums it allegedly extorted from victims without the resources to defend themselves legally.

  6. Canada seems to be flushing itself down the toilet as quickly as the uk. Perhaps this creep can get together with his fellow canadian Mckinnon and they can wax each others balls- it will be an all “girls” thing – right?

  7. “Yaniv is being ordered to pay $2,000 to three of the accused women, one of whom was forced out of business due to the case.”

    That is not excellent. That is a mockery. He has forced someone out of business: that person should have their livelihood restored.

    Yaniv took up this case knowing that the process was the punishment for his victim. He needs to be taught a lesson so that others may see.

  8. A commissioner in the human rights tribunal in a discussion about removing the hate speech sections claimed that freedom of speech was an American concept and he didn’t have to take it into account. As the Canadian charter includes freedom of expression this response caused a lot of concern and was part of the reason for getting the hate speech sections that had been added repealed. Of course Trudeau wants to reinstate them and as has been stated this is an area where the process is the punishment

  9. Yaniv also expressed surprise and claimed harassment after waving an illegal taser around during an online discussion (including confirming it was illegal) when the police later knocked on the door to ask about it

  10. Yes it’s surprisingly good that Yaniv lost the case, but he didn’t really. The process is the punishment, remember, as Mark Steyn says, and these people have had their lives and careers screwed over, while Yaniv got lots of the publicity he desires.

    $2000 x 3 is insutlingly small, he’ll raise that easily from rich supporters.

  11. There are some local groups that claim Yaniv is using trans issues to deflect from their Percy paedo behaviour including claiming anyone accusing it is phobic and just out to smear them

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