Awa’ wi’ ye

That was more like watching the Barbars than a test team, wasn’t it? Very fun indeed.

And that man who was trying to play a haggis looked wonderfully pissed off. Good.

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  1. The Japanese were great, their ball handling and building phases were awesome, but the mighty bokke will make them see their arses next week. Just love it anytime the Jocks fail.

    MrsBud is conflicted with Taffies v Frogs, I’ve got no such problem, the Taffies are at the absolute bottom of my rugby hierarchy.

  2. The greatest living Englishman was coaching Japan when they beat the boks, he’s coaching England now.

    Next week, England beat Wabbelies, Bokke beat Japan, All Blacks beat Ireland and Frogs beat Welsh bastards

  3. OT: watching Panthers and Buccaneers at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium. That golden Hotspurs statue on the roof looks like an art deco GAMECOCK!

    Very cool!

  4. “watching Panthers and Buccaneers at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium. That golden Hotspurs statue on the roof looks like an art deco GAMECOCK!”

    I was there last week for the Raiders/Bears game. Absolutely stunning stadium, not sure whether its really suited for football (ie soccer). Makes a great NFL stadium tho……..I will be back at Wembley for the final 2 London games.

  5. Fair do’s to the Japanese they played better than us and deserved their win. No ifs buts or whatever. I wish them well for the rest of the tournament

  6. Gamecock – re the mighty Spurs cockerel it is a replica of the original made in 1909 which is indeed roundabout the start of the Art Deco era and yes it is very cool.
    Scotland fan and a Spurs fan -indeed my life is one long streak of sporting misery!

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    If the game hadn’t gone ahead we’d have eternal whingeing about how done by they’d been and o doubt they would have won. Over the years it would somehow have morphed in to a England’s fault. At least they now know they weren’t good enough for the quarter-finals.

    As for me, 30 years ago I would have been cheering on my fellow Brits and sharing in their misery, but as I now know that had England been in that same situation every house and pub in Scotland and Wales would have been cheering, willing, a Japan win. I’m at best ambivalent to their loss, and maybe enjoying a bit of schadenfreude.

  8. BiND,

    I grew up naively supporting all the home nations, then I became an expat and discovered that the other UK nations always supported every other country against England. Since then I’ve learned to delight in the other home nations getting their arses kicked in all and every sport, which thankfully happens most of the time. With the Irish and Scottish it is reasonably good natured, with the Welsh it is pure hatred, they hate the English so I hate them. Fortuitously, I’ve never met a Welshman it was not easy to despise.

  9. BiND

    My immediate view was from the opposite angle.

    Japan will have been very relieved that it went ahead. Because had they been given “a technical bye”, the books would have recorded that their 1st QF had never been “properly” earned?

    Now it has been fully earned, in spades.

  10. Absolutely stunning stadium

    It completely dominates the surrounding area (flat). Looking from the hill at Alexandra Palace it looks like some enormous spaceship has landed in Tottenham (and is presumably intending to take off as soon as possible)

  11. Good luck to the Japanese, they deserved that, and then some. Of course it’s lovely to see your neighbors get hammered, and I’ll happily see all the home nations lose now. I love England and Ireland (never had occasion to go to Wales), but sporting rivalry is different.

    Actually, it can’t really be called rivalry at the moment, as we’re not very good at anything.

  12. thourghly deserved win from the Japanese, while you can pick favourites for the QF games they are pretty open which should make for a good tournament.
    Cant see the England bye against France will really help them as performing under pressure seems to be the big question mark hanging over them.
    Will also be interesting to see how quick the refs will be to go for cards in the knockout stages.

  13. Very good for rugby overall, world tournament is better when the main question isn’t the order of the 2 teams that will qualify but who they are going to be.
    Most of the pools the 2 qualifiers were very predictable, though this leaves England as still the only host nation not to get past the pool round hopefully a record that won’t last for many more world cups as more teams become competitive and getting out of your pool becomes harder.

  14. Japan have shown us how rugby should be played. Fast.
    World Rugby weren’t expecting to make much money from the tournament but the competition has been an unexpected success, with a bonus of 50 million or more.
    Let’s hope they can help the second tier nations improve, instead of pissing the money away as in previous competitions.
    This WC has seen more teams going backwards (Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Canada) or not improving (Italy, Georgia, Namibia, USA) than improving (?Uruguay?). Jones and Joseph have left a real mark on Japan and rugby iin general, but it’s still mostly a closed club.

  15. Notable that I’m the interview after the Wales game the Uruguay captain called for more meetings between tier 1 and 2 sides to help them lift their game.
    Sad to see Samoa getting thrashed by a 14 man Ireland, used to be a side to keep an eye on, wonder if the Tier 1 teams are draining too many of the best players from the Pacific Islands. Maybe the conditions for playing for another country needed to be revisited

  16. Half the secret is to pass the ball to a man who is already moving forward briskly and who intends to accelerate towards the tacklers. The other half is to be prepared to pass the ball when the time is right.

    The third half is to do it all accurately and smartly.

    Lovely side – well deserved win.

  17. BniC, I very much agree. When Samoa first announced their arrival on the world stage years ago they were still called Western Samoa. The joke was, thank goodness the whole of Samoa wasn’t in the tournament!

    Well done Japan; they’ve brought a very fresh approach to the sport. I fancy England’s chances against the Aussies, but if we win the QF we’ll bump up against NZ….. Hmmmm…

  18. Fiji are going forward. Despite their Sevens record, they have been pretty terrible at 15s for a while.

    Tonga are OK. Samoa obviously are going backwards.

    The Pacific Islands have terrible administration. The money given to them is simply wasted. Until that is resolved nothing will improve. Giving them more money will simply mean more is wasted. Once the Admin improves, more of their players will want to play for them.

  19. I like the way they appear to have countered the ‘send a 6 foot 6 120kg outside centre to run over the top of the opposition backs’ tactic and I particularly like the fact that so far at least Japan have shown none of the tactical cynicism and ‘playing the ref’ (that some might otherwise refer to as ‘cheating’ ) that the Southern Hemisphere teams do. Long may that continue.

  20. @BNIC

    Wales didn’t get to the quarters when they were (co) hosts in 1999.

    What a game, Japan were amazing and will give anybody in the world a game, Bokke included, if they can play like that. (History, cliche and cod psychology would tend to suggest that the pressure will be too great against South Africa, this was ‘Japan’s cup final’, and they play such a high tempo game that they will not be able to sustain another performance of that order for long enough in a week’s time. I deeply hope I am wrong.)

    I don’t personally get the anti-Scottish/Welsh/Irish sentiments. I always want England to win but if not England then any of the above (Ireland first for reasons of antecedents, then the Jocks for army reasons, then the Taffs) and if not any of the above then France. The only exception is when any of the other home nations are playing a genuine underdog, which in retrospect Japan may not be: yesterday I was 52% Japan 48% Scotland.

  21. MarkT: the Japanese coach is Southern Hemisphere. A point which you kind of refutes your allegations.

    Plus NZ not fielding particularly large centres.

    But otherwise you are spot on.

    As in completely wrong.

  22. I don’t personally get the anti-Scottish/Welsh/Irish sentiments.

    Before I lived in Wales, I was happy to cheer for Wales unless they were playing England.

    After having lived in Wales for quite a few years, I now support two teams: England, and whoever is playing Wales (unless it’s France!).

  23. @BiW

    I suppose it must depend on your own experience, but even then I’m pretty sure there are lots of English twats as well. My working experience saw me mixing with a lot of Jocks, Taffs and Paddies and they were almost to a man utterly superb blokes. Could be I am just lucky! I also have never lived in Wales, Ireland or Scotland though.

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