“How the Aspiring Can Learn to Write Like Economists”

From our ever popular series of commenting on other people’s headlines.

8 thoughts on “Badly”

  1. Easy. Talk bollocks. Our gentle host can’t be a proper economist because mostly he talks sense. Except on carbon taxes.

  2. Dennis, He Who Is Unpublished

    How the Aspiring Can Learn to screw like a Eunuch.

    How the Aspiring Can Learn to play football like Southampton.

    How the Aspring Can Learn to reason like Richard Murphy.


  3. OT: Anyone able to help?

    HMRC contact information

    Going on a motorcycle tour in Portugal, want to bring back lots of cigs (ie one box of), but no space on MC.

    I need an HMRC contact who can provide written (email) confirmation I can use eg FedEx to transport my personal import and no duty imposed by HMRC.

    Email me via Tim if off-list wanted


  4. @Pcar
    Why not pick up your 800 in Calais & post them home from Dover? You don’t have to tote them all the way from Portugal. Or for a bit cheaper, use the ferry from Dunkerque & nip over the frontier into Belgium before you board. It’s only a few klics up the road.

  5. Thanks for the cool link. It appears that being a classic liberal blogger requires a certain dry way with words. I also found Streetwise Professor here.

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