Blimey, isn’t this an advance?

M&S launches ‘buy now, pay later’ service

Marks starts to use credit.

4 thoughts on “Blimey, isn’t this an advance?”

  1. M&S is starting to look like another casualty of the scum management culture which Tim Newman writes about.

    Where middle class Bubblers flit between Krony Krapitalist Kapers, fake charities, local and national govt zombie-jobs all the while leaving ruin and waste behind them as they pick up bad-back creating wagepackets.

    Worst of all is when they overlap into “real” businesses trying to exist under real trading conditions. M&S is an example. Bad decisions are now routine.

    I have a relative in a northern town where they are closing their Branch after 100 years. They are opening a pretentious food hall in a nearby smaller town that is becoming a dormitory for Bubbler trash up from the South-East. But still has a tenth of the population. He passed their new site the other day and tells me it is bigger than the one they are closing. By the time the boss class idiots are done Marks will be out of the area and will have closed 2 stores –having bought, built and paid for a brand-new second one.

  2. They have moved out of the centre of a major town just outside of London I used to know well. They built a Food Hall only down the main road where drivers can easily drop in for this evening’s cook chill meal but have deserted their trad customers and those who went there for clothes.

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