Bravo gentlemen, bravo

There was no such reprieve for the northeastern town of Kamaishi, where flooding had left the organisers with no choice but to cancel the lunchtime game between Canada and Namibia.
With their match at the Recovery Memorial Stadium cancelled, Canadian players grabbed shovels and helped clear the mud from Kamaishi’s streets.

Nowt larger than that, just well done, vry well done those men.

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  1. Good job it wasn’t in the UK. They’d never have got through the health and safety training on time.

  2. You have to put in a number of volunteer hours as a requirement to pass high school, very charitable country.
    Once a week I collect left over bread from a local bakery and deliver some to a local housing co-op and the rest to a church that makes sandwiches to distribute to the homeless, no background checks, food handling certificates etc. required, I imagine in the UK it would take months to be approved to do it. In fact a lot of the grocery retailers give food to charities without anyone screaming about giving the poor leftovers that the lefties in Britain would no doubt do.
    Also lots of small local charities which maybe helps as its seen as helping the community directly. The church groups also seem more sensible at doing the let’s help people and worry about the politics after bit, maybe the religious element keeps the socialist lefties out.

  3. Meanwhile, the women competitors in their cancelled game went back to their hotel and had a “Spa Day”

    Then watched: The.Apprentice.UK.S15E02.Ice.Lollies

    Sugar “Cool customers are spending £44 million Globally on Ice Treats”

    Sugar a Guardian journo?

    Al Beeb have turned The.Apprentice.UK into yet another diversity dominated “men bad” farce

    => £3.50 for one lolllipop? Madness

  4. Thankfully the women’s tournament isn’t on at the same time or no doubt it would be getting precedence over the men’s tournament to address the historic gender imbalance

  5. There’s a women’s rugby tournament on too? I’ll have to download the highlights of the end of the matches, when they swap jersey’s

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