But, but, Phil?

Philip Hammond believes Brexiteers should give up on their dreams of striking free-trade deals around the world after leaving the European Union because of their “very limited” economic value.

Setting out his own alternative plan to get Brexit done as talks continued to stall in Brussels, the former chancellor said that the UK should urge the EU to conclude a rapid-fire zero-tariff trade deal with Europe that would do away with the need for a backstop.

Mr Hammond – who argued for the UK to remain in a customs union during Theresa May’s government – accepted that his plan, if enacted, would rule out the prospect of the UK independently striking free trade deals.

If free trade deals have limited value then why should we have one with the EU?

And if they’re valuable, why should we be in a system that prevents us having them?

10 thoughts on “But, but, Phil?”

  1. Presumably because.everywhere.else is too far away. Thats.why we don’t get any goods from China, it’s too far away. Oh!
    But.where on earth does he get the idea that we can get anything rapid out of the EU, or that they are interested in free trade with non members?

  2. All lefties (yes, Phil) specify deals that involve co-operation with the EU. The EU have stated that their intention is to make life as difficult as they possibly can unless we become a vassal colony of our masters in Brussels.

  3. The more scum like Hammond run their mouths the better.

    A traitor telling us to forget our hopes of a better life is just the publicity BoJo needs more of.

    Emergency powers are needed. The remainiacs have themselves made that clear.

  4. urge the EU to conclude a rapid-fire zero-tariff trade deal with Europe

    Perhaps the UK could tiptoe away while this is being rapidly fired?

  5. Phil’s spreadsheet shows that 50% of our exports go to or via the EU because they are trans-shipped in Rotterdam. He concludes that our free-trade deal with the EU is more important than our *not-free-trade* deals with other countries.
    He misses the point that when we had free trade with the Commonwealth we had more trade with them.

  6. Former Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond MP outlines his preference* for a Brexit deal

    * his preference – stay in EU with or without UK MEPs, Commisioner etc

    How Hammond the hypocrite gave away an NHS budget to help save his Brussels cronies


    I’ve Got A Brand New Lampost waiting for you Phil…

  7. Hammond and his ilk are completely owned by the crony capitalists for whom the SM and the CU are crucial tools to preserve monopolistic profits. While the globalists like Blair want the ECJ so that they can impose centralised socialism through court dictat rather than having to deal with pesky voters, the Hammond wing of remain has fought solidly to maintain the anti competitive structures of the EU as required by ‘big business’. For him, what the CBI , Roland Rudd and all the multi nationals want is all that matters, which is exactly why Boris said [email protected] business.

  8. John77 – yes that substitution effect, is a finer point that lost at the level these politics are played. We’ll need a few years of universal free trade to see what the unprotected UK exports/imports to the EU would be.

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