Can’t say I’m surprised

Almost a fifth of murders in England and Wales are now committed by people who are on parole, shocking new figures reveal today.

Failures by the probation service to supervise prisoners properly once they are released is now reaching crisis point, according to experts, with a 63 per cent increase in the number of homicides committed by ex-inmates.

Crimes are committed by criminals? Oh my giddy aunt…..

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  1. Well, yes. But more than that, all those deaths would not have happened if a. we’d had the death penalty, or b. life did mean life, or c. If the snoots really cannot rowse themselves to achieve either of those things, simply requiring the full service of the actual nominal sentence.

  2. Get the ASA involved. If Dyson promise me 8 hours of battery life and actually I only get 4, it’s a massive fine.

    Why should sentencing be different?

  3. So a little over four fifths are committed by?

    Betcha a fraction of them are committed by crims who have previous, but aren’t on parole any longer. And another fraction by crims who haven’t been caught before. It’s a bigger fraction than ‘almost a fifth’.

    And the statistic is meaningless unless we know exactly who committed each murder.

    Incidentally, and off topic, what about that US bitch who claimed diplomatic immunity and absconded? Where’s the extradition proceedings? Why hasn’t her husband already been declared persona non grata? Why isn’t her name public, and a poster campaign against her in her home town?

  4. I always suspect that I’m being played when some outfit claims a large percentage change in some figure in a short time. In any context, it’s usually bolx.

  5. I wonder. This could be he tailings of an almighty eff up. Whatever they did to the probation service it wasn’t a smooth transition. The question is whether trial and error of private companies (or whatever the new set up is) will eventually sort itself out and ultimately lead to improvements/efficiencies over the longer term.

  6. Unless Probation service is given the budget, toys and manpower to follow people on probation wherever they go and close enough to step in and prevent murders, then it isn’t the failure of probation.

  7. Martin.. +1

    Unless the scrotes can be supervised 24/7 they’re going to get the opportunities for scrotely behaviour. Nowt to do with the probation service.

    I’m with M’Lud (not the death penalty though) – life should mean life and sentences should actually be served.

  8. Witchie,
    This isn’ t the first time this has happened. Quite a few years ago (late 60s), a drunken American airman drove his car into the wife and child of a friend of mine, in which the child died. The driver was arrested by the local Police and then released into the custody of US Miilitary Police on the agreement that he would attend court. The American authorities lied, and the airman was flown back to the USA. The couple were told that was was no chance of the airman being sent back to the UK for trial, and the resultant grief and stress caused their marriage to break up. That American twat destroyed one life and ruined two. Apparently, the next open day at the air base led to some interesting confrontations.
    It appears that where the Americans are concerned, the rules of law and honour don’ t apply to them.

  9. “It appears that where the Americans are concerned, the rules of law and honour don’ t apply to them.”

    Hasty generalization.

  10. Make prison life sucky. Perps won’t want to go back; behavior may improve.

    Or d. the victims had guns. That’s the ‘Merican way.

  11. Shocking as it is, and the US Government having previous form over this sort of thing, there isn’t a lot that can be done about it, short of making the lives of others here a living hell, e.g. the Ambassador himself who obviously helped out with this escape. A clear abuse of what diplomatic immunity was intended for.

    Still, you don’t get much for killing someone by driving on the wrong side of the road these days. I recall another woman, a doctor I think, killed a cyclist on Regent Street a few years ago. Her defence was “she didn’t know how she ended up driving on the wrong side of the road”. Acquitted, I believe.

    At best she’d get a fine here and possible suspended, though the pissing off to America would probably be treated as worse than the offence itself.

  12. Almost a fifth of murders in England and Wales are now committed by people who are on parole, shocking new figures reveal today.

    Yes, but nobody important, clearly.

    “Thoughts and prayers with the families involved”, etc. Unfortunately for our ruling class this is more of an embarrassment than a genuine problem. They will weep in Parliament over some bird’s story of her boyfriend not telling her his income but they’ll do fuck all about this.

  13. I’m more surprised by this:
    “More than 80% of murders are committed by people who have fully served their punishment or have not previously been convicted for any crime.”

  14. “have not previously been convicted for any crime.”

    Presumably not yet caught for anything because the pigs were too busy harassing drivers or scouring twatter for snarky comments. Or like Rotherham’s finest, resolutely looking the other way.

  15. On septic woman MC killer

    1. Woman drivers
    2. No big signs at base exit: “Drive On Left”?
    3. Install a cross-over area at base exit
    4. Abuse of Dip Im – yes

    On stats – increase in on probation RoPs, Stabby types etc?

  16. MSM bigging this up to attack Trump and Tories


    Sophy Ridge on Sky: implies Tories fault septic woman claimed Dip Im and fled

    What would be sentence if convicted?

    Most likely a fine and pussy pass suspended sentence – think of her children

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