Does this mean what I think it does?

is stirring the energy world with its huge Vaca Muerta shale field

Vaca – cow. Muerta – dead.

Argentina doesn’t have a shale field called “Dead Cow” does it?

Or am I putting Portuguese meanings to Spanish words?

And if they have called it that then we need to up our game. Howabout renaming the Bowland Shale “Toasted hamster”?

14 thoughts on “Does this mean what I think it does?”

  1. Geologist Charles Weaver named the formation the Vaca Muerta Formation because the rocks outcrop in the Sierra de la Vaca Muerta, the dead cow mountains.

  2. Hallowed Be
    It’s Pittodrie (Aberdeen’s stadium) which means dung heap, as it was built on an old rubbish dump. Stenhousemuir is a bit more dull, I think it’s just Stone House Field.

    Plenty of odd names in the new world though, I used to love looking for them on maps of USA & Canada when I was wee. Pickle Lake was a favourite.

  3. Bloke in Aberdeen….

    I actually know someone who used to work in Pickle Lake. As for funny Canadian place names, Dildo (in Newfoundland), is pretty hard to beat.

  4. To begin with, we’d better be clear about what we mean by “think”. A comparison with human thinking might be intuitive, but what about animal thinking? Does a chimpanzee think? Does a crow? Does an octopus ?

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