Doubt it really

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s niece, Theo Clarke, has been selected as the Tory candidate for Stafford, following Jeremy Lefroy’s announcement that he will be standing down at the next election. With Jacob, Annunziata and now Theo, the Rees-Mogg dynasty has almost taken over…

Theo – who previously described her uncle as “a well-spoken mortician, come to collect the corpse of compassion” – is the daughter of Jacob’s wife,

The daughter of your wife is not your niece…..

9 thoughts on “Doubt it really”

  1. “a well-spoken mortician, come to collect the corpse of compassion”

    This probably sounded clever in her head.

  2. Indeed, Steve. Not having a telly, I just assumed these notions of Rees Mogg being cold were true. So seeing him (via the interweb) speak in the commons was a surprise. Not only is he polite (not telling the twats to go and fuck themselves as we might) but he seems quite compassionate where appropriate.

    I don’t know whether his old fashioned approach is an affectation but if so it’s a better one than the touchy feely squealing of the leftards. As far as I’m concerned the twats can go fuck themselves.

  3. One word missing
    *Mrs* Jacob Rees Mogg’s niece.
    @ Steve
    Agreed, but it also looks good on a twatter or facebook thread with a picture of JRM dressed like an undertaker (only on a US-style social medium, of course, since we don’t have morticians in this country)

  4. PJF

    JR-M is the real thing. He is like he seems. Unfailingly polite even when gently inserting a verbal stiletto between your 3rd and 4th ribs.

    Also witty and educated. And so terribly politically correct (if you understand what I mean).

  5. The only thing I’d have against JR-M is he looks suspiciously like a man with principles. Which in the current political scene is a bit like bringing a teddy bear to a gunfight.

  6. “. . . is the daughter of Jacob’s wife, ”

    So . . . she’s the daughter of his wife’s boyfriend?

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