Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan appeared to be all but dead on Tuesday night as the government admitted there was little prospect of a deal before 31 October, following a day of furious recriminations.

Carry on…..

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  1. And the framing of the EU as the intransigent party appears reasonably successful. Mr. Tusk may think this unimportant, but the public won’t.
    The main problem now seems to be how to get an election.

  2. Brexit first then GE. That neutralises TBP–who will have what they want– and no one is going to put shite like Jizz and Swine’s son in.

    Which is why BoJo should use emergency powers. He has to stop any attempted takeover and last the next two weeks. That is all.

  3. Its all part of the Cummings strategy, which is to push the Remain rump further and further to the extreme end of the Leave/Remain axis. Every move that Boris/Cummings have made so far has had the effect of being a choice of getting Brexit now, or if that fails, to push Remain closer to A50 revocation/Stay in the EU. Thus making the next GE a simple Leave/Remain vote, a sort of referendum 2, but under a FPTP constituency basis rather than OMOV. And one with no nuance – the strategy is to make the Remain case have no Brexit even in name in it, leaving the Tories the ‘We are the Real Party of Brexit’ claim and marginalising TBP.

  4. Not so sure TBP are going away. Their support seems to come from Labour leavers, and like a large swathe of Labour voters they have been anti-Tory rather than pro-Labour. Given the efforts of Labour to alienate the working class they may well switch to TBP.

  5. Pat–I am not a BlueLabour supporter except tactically. They are the best Brexit chance for 31/10/19. Hence my support. If TBP takes Jizz’s disaffected that’s OK by me. Makes Jizz even less likely to win.

    We need a new anti-left anti-migrant takeover anti-Globo Elite and anti-ecofreakery Party. UKIP started too soon down that route after being taken in–as most of us were–by Treason May.

  6. What an amazing character.


    John Bercow has accused Brexiteers of ‘blaming the referee because they’re losing the match’ in his parting shot as Speaker.

    In a wide-ranging interview with CNN the Speaker dismissed claims of bias from hardline Brexiteer MPs.

    “If you are losing the match, it’s quite bad form to blame the referee,” he said.

    He added that he did not believe he was “a remainer enabler”.

    Apparently, the people who won the referendum are the bad losers…

  7. Via Guido Sassoli President of the EU Parliament has confirmed –by public slip of the tongue– that he is talking directly with that lying little shite Bercow to bypass the British Government and put Brexit off.

    I am increasingly thinking that not-talk is going to be the only cure for the evil that besets us. A lot of not-talk.

  8. Ecks

    Hey, it’s the Berk again – just another day at the office..:)

    More seriously though, that Guido video clip can’t actually be genuine, it must be fake news, ’cause otherwise it would surely be one of the lead items on the BBC 1 news a little later at 6.00pm….

  9. Mr Ecks, what’s the plan if it all goes horribly wrong and we end up with either Corbs, or a ‘GNU’ which won’t hold an election until we’ve had a new referendum? You must have run through these scenarios? Surely we need some kind of civil disobedience resistance movement that encourages organising affairs to hit govt tax revenue?

  10. Maybe Boris can go into Parliament on the 19th as apparently they have decided to sit and let them know he’s written the letter and popped it into the nearest post box to No10 on his way there, second class of course, and hopes it will get there in time.

  11. “Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan appeared to be all but dead on Tuesday night as the government admitted there was little prospect of a deal before 31 October, following a day of furious recriminations.”

    Its kind of funny that they don’t understand that No-Deal Brexit *is* is plan.

  12. @Mr Ecks October 9, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    EU Parliament President: Bercow and I are on the Same Wavelength

    Addressing the EU Parliament, it’s President, David Sassoli, let slip that he is now bypassing the UK Government and talking directly to Bercow about how to delay Brexit. Bercow has always claimed he isn’t a Remainer and just wants the Commons to have its say – according to Sassoli, Bercow is actively lobbying against No Deal behind the scenes…

    Upon hearing this startling claim, Brexit Party MEP Richard Tice tried asking an urgent question on what authority Bercow and Sassoli had to have said discussions, an attempt that was quickly quashed by the Parliament’s President. To talk so openly about his anti-democratic machinations really is Sosilly…


  13. @Pat October 9, 2019 at 8:36 am

    Front pages today I saw: only The Guardian was blaming Johnson.

    Taxpayers Money
    The Scotsman FP – SNP to build huge lorry park at Stranraer to cope with No Deal Brexit
    “Deputy First Minister John Swinney said there were concerns about traffic flows with Northern Ireland if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.”

    Whut? Stranraer RoRo ferries went to/from NI (which is in UK), they’ve moved to Cairnryan*

    Does Deputy First Minister John Swinney (SNP) not know NI is in UK?

    More Project Hysteria

    * Cairnryan Ferry Services
    Cairnryan ferry port in Scotland is served by a number of ferry routes with crossings to Larne & Belfast available. With a selection of up to 12 Sailings Daily, the port of Cairnryan connects Scotland with Northern Ireland.
    Cairnryan to Larne with P&O Irish Sea – 7 Sailings Daily 2 hr
    Cairnryan to Belfast with Stena Line – 5 Sailings Daily 2 hr 15 min

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