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Freedom means you’re allowed to be a bigot

We’ve come a long way in a fairly short time, but even in supposedly enlightened countries like the UK there are people who hate LGBT+ people. Those people do not always keep their bigoted beliefs a secret, wrap them in “reasonable concerns” or keep their hatred in the closet. Many of them are vocal. Some are violent. And not everyone is strong enough to come out and have to deal with that.

Liberty does in fact mean that you get to state your beliefs. Violence is, of course, creation of a third party harm and so not allowed. But voicing beliefs? What version of freedom is there where this is not allowed?

16 thoughts on “Freedom means you’re allowed to be a bigot”

  1. This ‘hatred’ will be a dislike for being forced, with criminal penalties for not complying, to use whatever absurd made-up pronouns they happen to choose to apply to themselves at any moment.

    Mere ‘tolerance’ is no longer enough. Unless you are absolutely, 100% supportive, vocally so 24×7, it is ‘hatred and bigotry’.

    They have to be mad to pursue this because the end result can only be a violent backlash.

  2. My guess nowadays that a goodly portion of closeted members of the population remain so because they don’t want to be co-opted into membersip of the alphabet community.

  3. What’s really appalling is that the worst offenders are all expert in ninja violence. It’s really violent but whats really sinister is that it’s invisible and leaves no trace, but still, it really, really hurts.

    But you can easily spot these offenders because they look as though they’d vote Tory.

  4. These people have never suffered a violent backlash, as over here we’re nice people by & large these days. I wonder how far they do have to push before we push back robustly.

  5. Listened to some government twat on the Toady programme this morning saying demonstrations outside school(s)? in Birmingham should not be allowed as they intimidate the pupils and parents,it struck me that the filth would not dare to arrest any of the demonstrators due to their protected status.

    It will soon be plain as to who has priority in our society – LGBT+ or Islam.

    Has young Owen commented on this state of affairs btw?

  6. ‘Tolerance’ for the left means agreeing with their views.

    No other standpoint is tolerated by the left.

    For example, other cultures MUST be tolerated and you’re a bigot if you don’t unless those other cultures have views the left don’t agree with, when it’s different because reasons (and the left’s ownership of ‘the truth’)

  7. On day,
    What do you think about gay marriage?
    I don’t.
    You don’t what?
    I don’t think about gay marriage.

    …will be legislated as violent hate crime.

  8. “there are people who hate LGBT+ people” I’ll bet there are far more people who are largely indifferent to “LGBT+ people”. I’m one. I was delighted that the old law that persecuted poofters was done away with – it was a shameful blight. Beyond that I don’t really give a hoot.

    Of course, I am not indifferent to individual poofs. Indeed, there are several I’m fond of, and have been fond of for years. Hell, there’s even one poof in political life that I rather respect – I can’t remember his name but he turned out to be rather brave. Good for him.

    But the politicised tribe – nah.

  9. But like the welsh assembly MP who wanted to stop Prince Andrew speaking at an event recently because of the Epstein stuff, she started with I believe in the importance of innocent until proven guilty, but……..

  10. @MC October 11, 2019 at 10:08 am


    Next week Tim starts his ‘Ragging on Sad Dick Khan’ column – tweets, vids etc

  11. “We tried freedom and democracy, but it just didn’t work out. People kept making wrong decisions.” – GC

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