Gosh, how does this work?

Heavy rains over recent days in the Bolivian Amazon have helped put out forest fires that have raged for two months across the land-locked South American nation, charring more than 4m hectares of land, local authorities said on Monday.

Fires in the Amazon. Which aren’t the fault of the newly elected right wing government and the slide into fascism.

How unlike Brazil.

Complaints over the government’s handling of the crisis have dented the popularity of Bolivia’s leftist president, Evo Morales.

Well, obviously, as Bolivia doesn’t have a newly installed, fascist, right wing government. But it’s possible to just vaguely mutter that perhaps it wasn’t the fascism, nor the government, that caused the Brazilian fires?

7 thoughts on “Gosh, how does this work?”

  1. A forest in nature has fires. Hm….funny that. Presumably this is approximately the millionth fire ever in the Amazon since it evolved (+/- an order of magnitude or two). It rains in the rain forest. Funny that. The rain water falls on the new ash and new stuff grows. Impact over time of endless fires = a regeneration opportunity no?

  2. It was Trump. He done it. You name it, he done it. Global Warming, Brexit, Influenza epidemics, Mongol invasions. He’s responsible.

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