How does this work?

“We need to guarantee that we adequately fund public media so that it is not kept economically weak and vulnerable to political and commercial pressures.”

If the politicians control the paying for it then how can it be free of politics?

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  1. Could he explain why the media recipients of recent political largesse in Canada, have been so singularly incurious about SNCLavallin corruption, Justin Trudeau’s friends or even how many times he thought comfortable in blackface? And why it has been the despised and underresourced alternate media which has to go to court to be admitted to election meetings that has exposed scandal after scandal?

  2. The BBC can send you to pokey and its still full off leftywank. Not sure what planet that tripe is from.

  3. Dennis, He Who Is Unpublished

    1) Produce a product the majority of the market doesn’t want.
    2) Overestimate the importance of said product.
    3) Demand taxpayer money to continue production of said product.

    Congratulations, you are now a journalist.

  4. It doesn’t even make sense.

    If there is a state broadcaster, then under the Tories it will be right wing propaganda, and under a Labour government it will be left wing propaganda.

    Unlike the free/private media, some of which is permanently right and some of which is permanently left. They are just catering to people’s prejudices/tastes like any private business.

  5. @Ljh October 19, 2019 at 4:10 pm

    Spot on about Trudeau blackmailing Canada’s “independent” media with $billions of state aid

    Rebel Media doing a great job, especially their investigate journalism; Veritas good too.

    Worrying that Conservatives copying Trudeau and denying Rebel attending hustings

  6. Dennis, Hectoring Pendant

    It is not vulnerable to political pressures because it controls the politicians

    I sincerely hope you’re being sarcastic.

  7. Pcar said:
    “Trudeau blackmailing”

    Is that worse than blackfacing for the woke? Presumably, because it sounds like “male”.

  8. Quote is a tight little self-contradiction. Even tighter: “We need to guarantee” that our political system doesn’t act politically.

    (Incidentally, failure to do same is Trump’s latest High Crime and Misdemeanor.)

  9. If there is a state broadcaster, then under the Tories it will be right wing propaganda, and under a Labour government it will be left wing propaganda.

    Just because the Conservatives win a majority in a General Election, and form a government, doesn’t mean they have any control whatsoever over the State broadcaster.

  10. @Rob

    Agree, don’t recall BBC being right wing, pro Gov’t or neutral 1979-1997 or 2010-2019

    Can the licence fee last much longer if the BBC behaves like this? Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan certainly frightened the Corporation when she mused the other day that it might become a voluntary subscription service, like Netflix. I’d personally be very sorry if this happens, but the licence fee is given in return for a pledge of fairness. And if the BBC won’t be fair, it will lose it, possibly sooner than it thinks.

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