How does this work then?

The choice is now between the NHS and US health care.

What portion of EU law means we must have the NHS and not US style health care?

Worker rights or US-style employment arrangements.

All EU derived workers’ rights – many of which we overperform on anyway – are already transposed into British law.

Care for the environment or no future at all.

The EU is the only fount of care for the environment?

Concern for the whole country or the interest of tiny minority, some of whom control too many of our newspapers.

The interests of that plurality that voted to leave?

One person had a good day. Keir Starmer shone out from the Labour benches. He was reasoned, considerate, fair to all sides of the House, and tore to shreds the Tory claims – which, despite his invitation that they do so, they did not defend. You could just say it was a lawyer’s speech. It was more than that. It was excellent politics. I admit that for the first time I am persuaded that he is the leader Labour now needs.

Gimmie Vermine!

BTW, has he told the SNP he’s agin Scots independence yet?

This parliament has to build on that. And he has to be completely defeated – by the people of this country as a whole – to ensure that he and those he represents never again get the chance to ruin the four countries within our Union. I am sincerely hoping they are up to the task.

Does Snippa even realise it yet?

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  1. And he has to be completely defeated – by the people of this country as a whole

    The Fat Turd is calling for a General Election?

  2. Utter shite. The EU hates the NHs and would have cause in its own US treaty to break up said NHS.

    I am no friend of either group of socialist fucks but those shitting themselves about “no more NHS” should automatically support Leave.

  3. imagine his apoplexy when there is a GE and it delivers a result he doesn’t like.

    He would demand it be annulled and that a “People’s Result” be used instead, one he prepared earlier.

  4. “The choice is now between the NHS and US health care.”

    That’s always a lie. I have never in my life met anybody, here or in the Antipodes, who has expressed a desire for the US health care system.

    If “system” is quite the word; it seems to manage to have plenty of chaos without actually troubling to have free markets.

  5. Yes, the NHS has only ever been compared to the demonized US system. Not just that, but other systems are never really mentioned.
    Like most British people who haven’t gone out of their way to investigate or seriously needed their services,I have zero real knowledge about any other other health care systems. I am sure that keeping us ignorant is deliberate on the part of the NHS-loving establishment, otherwise even the densest progressive might start to wonder if the nicey-nicey Scandinavians, for example, have such an awful system.

  6. JS, if you were to ask Newmania, he would no doubt tell you that every health service outside the USA is more or less the same as the NHS.

  7. The single major reason for leaving the EU is to restore the ability to set our own laws – it is from this change that all the other benefits flow. So, once we’ve left, if the UK chooses to elect a leader who has campaigned on introducing a US-style health service, that’s what we should do. If you don’t want this to happen, vote for a party that doesn’t support it.

    Equally if, in an act of collective insanity that beggars the imagination, we elected a Corbyn government, they should get on with nationalising everything in sight. That’s what democracy means.

  8. I’ve tried to debate funding of the NHS with the potato when he was demanding extra billions for the nhs only to be insulted. I merely suggested that it might be a good idea to investigate how other countries especially in his beloved EU funded their healthcare systems to see if their were better alternatives to our current model. So much for listening to other opinions as reacted as only the potato can. Part of the problem with the NHS is that A) theres a large number of people who have never contributed to the funding of the nhs B) Even amongst those that have, because it’s free at the point of delivery then some people don’t value it and don’t turn up for appointments causing a lot of waste and even worse,C) the attitude of some staff that because it’s “free” you should be grateful with what we choose to give you or ignore you. In my last two admissions some staff were really helpful and caring and others treated me as an inconvenience to be ignored. As for the food it was miserable- I’d have happily paid for a decent meal.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Seen on Twitter:

    Keir Starmer in HoC speech: “My father was a tool maker”

    Twitter: “He certainly was”

  10. Would the US system subject me, on a social walk with only three people, one of whom was a lady, older than I, to listening to two elderly gentlemen discussing how *each of them* had spent a year after an operation for prostate cancer waiting for the NHS to sort out the mess it had made?
    No, I don’t want the US system but holding out the NHS as infinitely preferable no longer strikes a chord with me.

  11. I consider the NHS to be shite, let me make that clear right from the start, but like the Curate’s Egg, it is shite over all because the bits that aren’t shite are contaminated by the bits that are slightly shite and the whole spectrum from there on down into the deepest depths of the pool of shite.

    But, and let me be fair here, for a huge number of people who pay virtually (or exactly) nothing for it, and are in reasonable health so that they don’t need it, it’s a great system. And for people who do need it, but also pay next to nothing for it, and have nothing better to do with their time, it’s still not bad.

    And for those who can afford to get private healthcare whenever they need it, so never experience the depths of the shite pool, they simply don’t see the problem.

    Then there are those legions of people who suck on the NHS teat and subscribe to the ‘envy of the world’ twaddle, it’s also to be protected at any cost.

    The rest are a minority.

  12. @witchie
    Agreed. And thanks for explaining the “Curate’s Egg” accurately. The trouble is that most people under 70 will never have experienced a bad egg (unless, perhaps, they keep hens) – I certainly haven’t. So they think ‘good in parts’ was a possible description of a bad egg, rather than an evasive statement .

  13. Doesn’t the NHS predate the EU?

    Yeah, it does, 1948 vs 1958.

    Is the existence of the EU so powerful that its effects were felt before its cause?

  14. I’ve said it before, but it would be hilarious if the UK remained and then the EU decided to unilaterally homogenise healthcare provision models across the bord to something approximating the Continental norm.

    I’d love a ringside seat at that game. The wailing and gnashing of teeth as the cognitive dissonance bit home would be priceless 🙂

  15. @abacab October 21, 2019 at 5:45 am

    EU Health Care Provision Directive is already being worked on and coming soon.

    If we’ve not left, doubtless we’ll implement and open market, whilst France will ignore/delay like Rail

    Major’s Rail privatisation was driven by EU plans – almost 30 years later France say they aim to be compliant in 2025.

    If we’ve not left: EU Lisbon 2020 also kicks in – bye bye Mr £ & HoC

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