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The nationalist Alternative for Germany party (AfD) made sweeping gains in regional elections on Sunday, inflicting heavy losses on Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU).

Björn Höcke, a politician who has been compared to Hitler by German national television, led the AfD to second place in the eastern state of Thuringia with 23.8 per cent, according to initial projections.

This is the horror of course. Righties getting closet to power.

The AfD was held off by the Left Party of the current regional prime minister, Bodo Ramelow, which came first with 29.5 per cent.

Who are the left?

The result will be seen as personal vindication for Mr Ramelow, Germany’s first regional prime minister from the Left Party, a successor to the former East German communist party.

The commies. Who also slaughtered their way across East Germany in their time. But they are the saviours…..

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  1. a politician who has been compared to Hitler by German national television

    This might have meant something twenty years ago, but there’s barely anyone right of centre who hasn’t been called a Fascist, Nazi or Hitler at some point by the Left, so now meaningless.

    a successor to the former East German communist party.

    So, actual Communists.

  2. They really ought to form a coalition.

    Some in AfD wants to shoot refugees at the border, so who better to team up with than the Linke, who have decades of experience at successfully implementing a “shoot refugees at the border” policy.

  3. Ted S, Catskill Mtns, NY, USA

    More interesting is that the FDP passed the 5% threshold for getting seats by a whopping 5 votes out of 1.1 million cast.

  4. @BiG

    The communists, of course, were usually trying to shoot people trying to get out of their country rather than trying to get in (communism being so wonderful).

  5. Yeah, people can keep yelling “fascist” but I suspect AfD aren’t going away any time soon. For one thing, they’re anti immigration and that ain’t going away. Secondly, they want to restore pride in Germany, and I suspect that’s an idea whose appeal is growing. The people living in Germany right now are overwhelmingly born after the war. The people being prosecuted for war crimes were barely out of short trousers.

  6. Andrew,

    Yes, funnily enough I did know that. But the flippant humour fails if I attach sixteen paragraphs on the history of the division of Germany.

  7. BoM4,

    The now widespread notion that mainstream politicians cannot even call out the creeping islamification of Europe as a potential long-term threat to our way of life pours massive fuel on the AfD’s fire. A very solid majority of Germans want to stop all future muslim immigration (two polls recently), and enough of those can at least hold their noses while voting for the AfD to create results like yesterday’s.

    Incidentally, the FDP’s immigration policy is straight out of the AfD playbook, though they talk less specifically about Islam. Some liberals realisng finally that we can no longer tolerate being colonised by an intolerant ideology that will chill the relative freedom and peace Europe has at long last achieved.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    There’s something weird going on with the left/right divide, especially amongst the traditional working class:

    ROME — After half a century of left-wing rule, the central Italian region of Umbria voted for a regional government spearheaded by Matteo Salvini’s far-right League.

    Donatella Tesei of the League, backed by the far-right Brothers of Italy and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, won 57.5 percent of Sunday’s vote. Vincenzo Bianconi, who was supported by the two parties that govern on the national level, the Democratic Party (PD) and the 5Star Movement, won just over 37 percent.

    My nascent view is that the average voter isn’t interested in factional politics, they just want someone to listen to them and take them seriously. The current obsession with identity politics and the state controlling every part of the our lives down to how many calories we have in our breakfast bowl is just turning them off. The case of the gay giraffe being a case in point.

  9. I don’t recall the Lega being seen as far-right when I lived in Italy. At the time, however, there were a couple of genuinely fascist parties around, one was still headed by a Mussolini scion. It’s just the usual lazy “nasty people” classification that ends up on the most right-wing party at any one time. So I suspect the Lega has become far-right thanks to the disappearance or absorption of parties to its right, whereas the AfD has actively sought out that ground, aided and abbetted by Merkel shifting the now practically merged “Christian Social Democratic Party” leftwards.

  10. BiG: the flippant humour fails

    because you are comparing

    Some in AfD (how many?)
    the Linke, who have decades of experience at successfully implementing a “shoot refugees at the border”
    who were trying to flee the GDR and getting killed in the process which is not a subject for flippant humour or any other kind you might have to hand.

  11. Donatella Tesei of the League, backed by the far-right Brothers of Italy and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, won 57.5 percent of Sunday’s vote

    One interesting sideline in the coming years is seeing what is the largest percentage of the population the Progressive media will describe as “Far-Right”. 57.5 is impressive.

  12. I respectfully disagree, Mr no longer in Saxony. Mocking authoritarians of all stripes is a very effective way of putting them down. Because they are all such sensitive special little snowflakes that can’t take a joke. That’s why they ban mocking the regime, straight after they’ve finished shooting and banning all the other authoritarian parties they beat to first place.

    Next time you are collared by a canvassing Linker, ask them about the Schießbefehl. Stunned silence is the only reaction I have seen.

  13. That’s not my point, Großer. Die Linke are the heirs and assigns of the SED, we’re agreed. The AfD is still a mish-mash united, more than anything, by what they are opposed to and incorporating a few nutters as UKIP did in the UK.

    So my objection is to anything suggesting equivalence between a few nutters on the one hand and a party with a pedigree of Stalinist oppression. From the mouth of the Trave, I’ve seen the tracer being fired from the Meklenburg coast into the Lübeck Bay at the poor swine trying to escape the Workers’ and Farmers’ State.

  14. Very simply, if moderate, centrist parties fail to address, or even talk about, the concerns of the electorate then the electorate will look elsewhere. The alternatives may not be pretty, but if nice Mr. Centrist is ignoring you what else do you do?

  15. That Hitler tho…

    Mr Höcke is under observation by German intelligence as a possible threat to the democratic order.

    Democracy must mean something different in Krautspreche, eh?

    Not that Britain is much better, member the Electoral Commission raided the Brexit Party’s offices on suspicion that they were conspiring to win an election?

  16. I say, Watson, have you written up The Case of the Gay Giraffe?

    I have, Holmes.

    What did you say about it, Watson?

    I said the perpetrator certainly had some neck.

  17. A CDU politician on telly this morning openly called the AfD neoNazis. One has to be careful of that sort of thing. Being a Nazi is a ciminal offence and so he was being pretty libellous.
    Anyway Thurinigia is now ungovernabe and serves the complacent centrists right. The Greens also failed to improve on their vote

  18. Just an addendum. A large part of Die Linke’s success is down to Sahra Wagenknecht.. A very intellligent woman with very nice legs. She is the acceptable face of Stalinism.

    The thickoes on Labour’s front bench should wathc andearn from her.

  19. I think I’ve worked out now.
    Far-right! = Left-wing but not extreme left-wing.
    Facist = Left of centre but not very far left
    Literally Hitler! = A bloke you might have a pleasant chat with if you met him down the pub.
    Progressive = People determined to return the country to the C14th.

  20. @Ottokring

    Alice Weidel of the AfD is also very bright. I can’t speak fo her legs but I believe she is of the putative giraffe tendency which may make them of less interest to some. Her Brexit speech in the Bundestag (with subtitles) is a corker.

  21. I use to have a thing for Frauke Petry.

    But look at Ms Weidel and see that our nearest comparison is Ruth Davidson (shudder). In the run-up to the last Bundestag elections, Ms Weidel was in a debate on Austrian TV. She absolutely destroyed the opposition debaters, who were very poorly prepared. I don’t think that I’d like to cross swords with her.

  22. Re: The commies

    Thirty years ago the most divisive symbol of them all was torn down – but today Germany is still bitterly divided…and haunted by its greatest nightmare – How fall of the wall sparked a new….

    …‘In Germany, we are very scared of having an identity. But this anniversary would have been a chance to really celebrate a free and unified democracy,’ he sighs.

    Conceived in the East, Dr Knabe was born in the West after his pregnant mother made a daring escape shortly before the Wall went up.

    Germany, he says, takes a very different stance to its Stalinist past compared with the way it deals with any traces of Nazism.

    Hence an extraordinary conference this month at which hundreds of Stalinists and Stasi thugs from the old regime gathered in the capital to celebrate a very different landmark: the 70th anniversary of the creation of the East German state….

  23. @Rob October 28, 2019 at 10:23 am

    Media labelled everyone who voted for Brazil President Bolsonaro as Far-Right

    @bloke in spain October 28, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    You win

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