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Interesting percentages

It makes for incredibly grim reading. On Twitter, 12% of posts relating to trans issues or people are abusive; elsewhere abuse makes up 18% of blog comments, 19% of news comments, 40% of forum discussions and 78% of YouTube comments. And that’s just clearly abusive posts. It doesn’t include dog-whistles where bigotry makes its point more carefully.

What portion of human speech an interaction is abusive anyway? Leave aside trans, leave aside even the very delicate flower definitions of abuse being used. Large amounts of human communication just are “Nyaah, Nyaah” so is it more or less in this case on these platforms?

35 thoughts on “Interesting percentages”

  1. Also, abuse is sometimes justified.

    I mean, if you’re a preening narcissist who reports a bloke to the police for not wanting to have sex with you, is it really unreasonable for you to be called a preening narcissist?

  2. Every single trans person I know is tired of this and terrified by it too.

    I dunno tho, maybe if these blokes hadn’t destroyed their IRL families in pursuit of the masturbatory fetish lifestyle, they wouldn’t care so much about mean tweets, eh?

    How come we hear so much about precious, lilac-scented tranny tears, and so little about the wives and children they humiliated and abandoned? How do xir’s kids feel about their dad growing tits and prancing around in dresses? How is Mum supposed to cope with the man she married turning into Captain Spaulding in a tutu?

    The feminists are right: men really are bastards.

  3. turning into Captain Spaulding in a tutu?

    I’m presuming you are thinking of the “House of 1000 Corpses” rather than the “Animal Crackers” version thereof?

  4. ‘Despite this, these are still very minority views. As the report notes: “constructive, pro-trans conversation far outweighs the negative. Transphobic conversation is in the minority, but it’s still very loud and very damaging.”’

    So it should be up to a vote. Cause you expect to win. Leftist democracy.

    ‘These may be minority views, but they represent the majority of trans-related coverage in most of the UK press and broadcasting media. A vicious, vocal minority is being repeatedly platformed by editors and broadcasters who should, and I suspect who do, know better.’

    NFW. Lefty press is full bore trans-in-your-face.

    ‘Every single trans person I know is tired of this and terrified by it too.’

    Every one. Terrified. More not believable propaganda.

    So if they are terrified, why not just keep their deviancy private?

    And pee before you go out.

  5. Reminds me of the terrifying stats for rape allegations that are not successfully prosecuted . These figures are unremarkable set against figures for all crimes that are not successfully prosecuted.
    Or what about the endless crap about 80% of trade in internal anyway ..bla bla
    You need to set that against the rate of decline by which trade reduces as you get further away as a general trend and see how it compares ( how much of the trade in the Midlands is within the midlands and does this mean a tariff border around it would be fine ….most and no )
    Or to be even handed about it Vote leave people are 8 times as likely to say immigration is there top issue .
    This is true and not without any foundation but without the landscape of preferences it is virtually meaningless
    Almost any stat presented as “per family” is just a way of making it seems worse than it is

    and so on

    Fun with numbers eh

  6. And what percentage of tweets on LGBTQ “issues” accuse well-adjusted adversaries of suffering from some “phobia”?

  7. On Twitter, 12% of posts relating to trans issues or people are abusive

    They’re doing very well then as my understanding is that 75% of twitter posts are abusive.

    and 78% of YouTube comments

    I’m nipping over there now – they sound like my kind of people.

  8. Spike – Are you saying transsexual albinos and bearded ladies aren’t well-adjusted?

    Alok and Jacob are two of the most publicly visible gender nonconforming femmes I know. As a performance poet, Alok has just gone solo after touring in dozens of cities in the US and abroad as one half of the poetry duo Darkmatter. Jacob was named to 2016’s OUT 100, has made a web series for NBC, and been the subject of a GLAAD-nominated episode of MTV’s True Life. Both are trans-identified, but belong somewhere in between genders, and they’ve amassed huge social media followings as gender nonbinary, femme, and fabulous human beings.


    But if you think all that would land them a date, you’d be wrong. And nobody is more puzzled than me as to why such obvious catches are having dating problems when so many clamor for their attention.

    This shagging business is an absolute fucking mystery, innit?

  9. Anyone who claims to be “trans” should be confined to a mental hospital, for years. Any medical professional who takes it seriously should have their licence stripped immediately and placed in prison for 10 years. Watch how fast people go back to keeping their perverted nonsense private.

  10. @Steve

    What a marvellous article. Folk in the cities of the plains got a thumping for being a lot more mainstream than these people and there wasn’t even a performance poet in sight (unless you include Lot’s wife).

  11. My advice would be; those figures are telling you something. You aren’t popular. A sensible person would keep quiet & their head down to avoid getting it knocked off.

    And the same message to Newmonia. If vote leave people are 8 times as likely to say immigration is there ( sic) top issue, then that’s telling you something. 17.4 million people is a lot of people. If I were you, Newmonia, I’d walk very softly around the topic. Some people’s debating style ain’t always gentle.

  12. If you go back twenty years, people would go by for months and months without “trans” ever entering their thoughts. It wasn’t an issue. You were aware that there were drag queens and ladyboys, and very occasionally you would meet someone who looked a bit odd, but day to day no one cared.

    And if you did meet such a person, you might do a doubletake but no more

    Wonder what changed

  13. When the target of your attraction is a tiny tiny TINY percentage of the general population, there’s no surprise that it’s difficult to hook up. They’re beyond Only Gay In The Village, they’re getting towards the only InsertHere in their state.

    I’m interested in esoteric local history, I meet up with like-minded anoracks. There are a grand total of four of us in my town. If I want to want to widen my pool of like-minded individuals – especially if I want to find a shag amongst them – I’d go to a regional conference or summut. Friend of mine is a LARPer. He travels across the county to meet other LARPers. I’m the only person in my town active in my political party, I travel 20 miles to the nearest party meeting. This is common sense facts of life stuff.

  14. One of the left’s favourite tricks is to lump in different categories of offence/allegation,as in;

    82% of women have been raped or sexually assaulted or winked at by a stranger.

    Another is simply changing the definitions. Homeless now means living somewhere paid for by the state but you don’t like it.

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    I wonder what percentage of those abusive comments are against whiny, special privileges for me, Me, ME! posts?

    I’m sure if I and other Blokes from North Dorset went around demanding special privileges 100% of comments would be abusive, probably mo more than 2 words.

  16. These may be minority views, but they represent the majority of trans-related coverage in most of the UK press and broadcasting media.

    I think you’ll find the majority of people have zero time for tranny mentalism; in fact so little that they can’t be arsed to abuse the deranged deviants.


    A significant proportion of Murcan trannies are just gay blokes who can’t get laid. They’re so fat, ugly, mental or poisonous that even a gayer with a belly full of MDMA won’t touch them.

  17. Some people’s debating style ain’t always gentle.

    Bloke in Spain – I think the extent to which I do not give a rats arse might astonish you

  18. “82% of women have been raped or sexually assaulted or winked at by a stranger.”

    My favourite is one I’ve since lost, some claim that 75% of undergraduate students received unwanted sexual advances.

    My first thought was: where in God’s name where the other 25% hiding for their 3 years?

  19. Good one, BiG.

    Related: 25% of Democrats are being treated for mental illness. They other 75% go untreated.

  20. BBC did have an article a while ago how hard it is for the wives/families, as one said everyone is saying how brave her ex is and she sees someone that lied to her for years.
    I imagine it’s well buried and just trotted out occasionally to show they aren’t biased, a token straight article

    “It feels almost homophobic to say anything about them. To me it’s not brave to spend 10 or 20 years with someone only to destroy and discard them,”

  21. They don’t say who is being abusive to who, it’s just implied that people are being abusive to Trans
    The dog whistle stuff though is really insidious, twisting everyday comments into offence just because you want to be offended.
    Just look at all the outrage over Trump using ‘lynching’ only to have it pointed out most of the complainants had used it in a similar way, including using it to describe the Clinton impeachment

  22. A more important Poll Result

    Leave and Remain voters say violence against MPs and serious injuries to public ‘price worth paying’ to get favoured Brexit outcome

    The YouGov surveys found that 71 per cent of Leave voters in England, 60 per cent in Scotland and 70 per cent in Wales think violence against MPs would be a ”price worth paying” to deliver Brexit.

    The figures are only slightly lower for Remain supporters, with 58 per cent of pro-EU voters in England, 53 per cent in Scotland and 56 per cent in Wales saying that politicians being attacked would be worth it Britain remained in the EU.

    Voters would also be happy to accept members of the public being badly injured in protests if it meant they got their way on Brexit….

    Politicians driving the public towards a Rebellion/Civil War – we saw a bit of this at Canning Town and Here

  23. YouTube comments?

    Hell… Even 4Chan agrees the YouTube comment section is so….bad.. they won’t touch it with a bargepole…

  24. @Pcar

    As reported elsewhere, the poll is being misrepresented. It asked if responders would take the risk of potential violence against MPs as a “price worth paying” to achieve their aim. Every time I go outdoors, I ‘risk’ being struck by lightning. My action doesn’t mean that being so struck would be a price worth paying for venturing outside, rather that I think it’s very unlikely.

  25. I think the line of people wanting to punch Bercow in the face would be longer than that for Santa’s Grotto, and they’d probably be willing to stump up £20 for the privilege.

  26. My ex-brother-in-law managed to have 5 kids with my sister before he decided to visit gentlemen’s toilets on the A1 for purposes other than peeing. The eldest and youngest refuse to talk to him. The youngest was still a minor at the time, he told social services when they tried to enforce visitation that they might be able to make him go to see his dad, but they wouldn’t be able to make him talk to his dad. They gave up trying when they realised how determined he was. The eldest wouldn’t let him come to her wedding. Sadly, my sister is still unable to move on whereas he has.

  27. “My first thought was: where in God’s name where the other 25% hiding for their 3 years?”

    They were all raging sexaholics and never had an unwanted sexual advance?

  28. @Chris Miller October 25, 2019 at 10:42 pm

    I’d happily take the risk of a 1 on 1 with Bercow, Grieve, Letwin, May, Soubry et al; participate in a Bikers vs MPs fight….

    Politicians are inciting violence

  29. Article mostly Scot Remainer warbles, but this stood out:

    But perhaps you will also comfort yourself with the thought that this is a purely speculative exercise in which voters are relaxed about the possibility of violent protests agains MPs or, indeed, general civic unrest precisely because they do not think it probable. Unfortunately, this consolation is removed by the pollsters’ discovery that a majority of people – Leavers and Remainers alike – think such violence more likely than not. Regrettable, perhaps, but on the cards nonetheless.

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