Irish nationalist decides to live in Ely

As someone who has self identified as Irish since I realised I had the choice, and has always considered himself a nationalist


35 thoughts on “Irish nationalist decides to live in Ely”

  1. All the biggest nationalists live outside their beloved countries. It’s a way of compensating for the guilt 🙂

  2. I’ve always thought that since Northern Ireland is historically more of a Scottish problem than English – ie. we had the Pale around Dublin originally – that when Scottish independence comes, they should take Northern Ireland with them.

    Genuine question: Does that make me a Scottish Nationalist, an Irish Nationalist or an English Nationalist

  3. As an Irish passport holder he does have a genuine basis for identifying as Irish, which is more than can be said for his self identification as an economist, tax expert, entrepreneur, etc.

  4. Confused,

    I have long advocated that the solution to Brexit is for England and Wales to declare UDI from the United Kingdom of Scotland and Northern Ireland, and for all citizens on Brexit day to have an option of dual nationality.

    It would solve a great many problems.

  5. [the self]: I self-identify as God.

    [normal people]: nutter.

    [idiots and bottom-feeders/other rent-seekers]: give the man a grant.

    [the self]: Really, I don’t want a grant. This is about fighting injustice. Oh, all right then.

    [normal people]: why am I slightly poorer than I was before?

    [idiots and bottom-feeders/other rent-seekers]: get thee to the re-education camp.


  6. OT: have we reverted permanently to the old blog site/format now, or are we still in some no mans land, constantly switching between the two?

  7. Dunno, Schroedinger’s blog from this end as well.

    You don’t think I actually understand this stuff, do you? I’m waiting just as you are to find out.

  8. Jim @ 6:38 pm
    Jim, you’ll have to keep your browser permanently open here so that the probability wave remains in a collapsed state.

  9. “Makes you “Far-Right”, I’ve heard.”

    Nationalism is double-plus good if those claiming it are oppressed.

  10. The new version doesn’t work very well for safari on iOS 12. Ads overlaying text, text not flowing properly in box, etc. etc.

    Maybe the new version is where the cat is dead.

    Major assumption being that you like cats.

  11. I have not seen this ‘new version’ (well if it is it doesn’t look any different) However, today viewing with Opera a banner keeps popping at the top of the site saying site cannot be reached even though the site is displayed and the banner disappears after a second or two

  12. @Tim Worstall October 3, 2019 at 5:51 pm

    Dunno, Schroedinger’s blog from this end as well.

    You don’t think I actually understand this stuff, do you? I’m waiting just as you are to find out.

    You’re waiting to find out?

    Tim, is this Your site and Blog or have you sold it and you’re now a contributor?

    Your site and blog – tell “Richard” to get back in his box and leave this site alone. It works, easy to read, easy on eye.

    It doesn’t need changed or upgraded, no more breaking what works please

  13. Tim

    PCar and others wishing the classic layout are absolutely correct, in my view.

    Please keep the site in the shape it was around 10.30pm French time Thursday Oct 3 – classic Timworstall.

  14. The only thing about the new blog that was a positive was it remembered my name and email address, but as I was disinclined to comment, it wasn’t much help. This site stopped remembering me a long time ago.

  15. The old format tells you how many people have commented on a thread.

    This site stopped remembering me a long time ago.

    May be GDPR related – if you decline all cookies, you end up declining the cookie which remembers your name and email address, I imagine.

  16. Jim, Tim, et al


    This (original) version is far superior to the aberration of the last week or so. It’s now worth clicking and reading again.

  17. @DocBud

    I think Longrider operates an “implied consent” policy for cookies so you never get a pop-up to decline them. I remember that fairly clearly because it’s so rare these days and I think it’s ace.

  18. Well Ely is green and boggy enough to be Oirish but it conjures up images of Captain Potato keeping cows in the ground floor of his mansion…

    Perhaps Noel Scoper has a count of all the times that said Captain has declared that he abhors Nationalism?

  19. “This site stopped remembering me a long time ago”

    There’s a solution for that, in Chrome anyway. Go to Settings, Auto Fill, Addresses and More. Here you can turn on Autofill, and then save an auto fill with your email address and username on here. Then whenever you left click on the ‘Name’ box it will prompt you with your saved details.

  20. @Jim October 4, 2019 at 9:14 pm


    In Firefox: I click, click on Name field and it auto completes, same on email.

    Would be better if Tim used implied consent as LR and OOL do, but two clicks no big deal

    @Tim W
    Thanks for listening and reverting, please don’t “upgrade” again. Is Richard sacked for incompetence?

  21. Tim,

    “Thanks for listening and reverting, please don’t “upgrade” again.”

    The techies here can put this far more accurately / eloquently, but if you are subsequently tempted (because you want a real improvement), do the work off-line, and at the point where you think it really is very, very good, make it visible (on-line) at say, and then announce on here that techies / others are invited to go visit and give input / rip it to shreds.

    Life carries on here for most, and then maybe, at some point, your (willing) beta testers are saying “actually, it really is better than the original”.

    That’s the time to forewarn people here what is about to happen (so that more can also go and rip it to shreds or tell you it’s amazing) before then swapping “www.beta” into “www” if the mood is still good.

    Or something. There is no difference in the amount of work needed to create a good product, but a) you get free and willing feedback (those that ‘chose’ to visit beta), and b) there is no disruption whatsoever to the current site.

    But I wouldn’t try that for a while, just to let people forget the debacle of last week! What you did was stop the car on the motorway, instantly bundle everyone into a replacement, but that replacement car had been dragged off the production line half way along. No brakes, lights, windscreen wipers, radio….

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